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Default I Caved In

Last Sunday I ordered the K-7 from Beach Camera who still was offering the three year Pentax warranty and free shipping. Monday 9:30 AM I got a e-mail saying the camera had shipped. Wednesday at 8:15AM FedEx was at my door with the camera.

I can't give much of a write up on the camera other than the fact that I love the ergonomics and build quality. My Markins tripod plate moved from the K100 to the K-7 without any modification. My Camdapter strap is as comfortable on the new camera as it was on the K-7. The feel of the camera on my hand is little changed from the K100.

Beyond this the camera is a big learning curve for me. I spent a whole evening in a chair with the camera and the manual (which has been a constant companion since) and took test shots and ran through the multitude of menu options and settings. This camera is a big leap from the K100. Wednesday I did get out and take some pictures but was not happy with the results. Not the camera's fault but my failure to set it up correctly.

Last night we drove up to Maine and when I got out of the car there was the Full Harvest Moon above my head. I unpacked the car put the K-7 on the tripod, put on the 80-400 and took this one.

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Way to go Lou! Hope you enjoy the K-7! The image of the moon seems to say "I'm worth it!"
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Fantastical! Lou.
Congrats on the new camera, can't help but be jealous.


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Congrats (and nice exposure/detail on the moon photo, too)!
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Congratulations, great moon shot too!

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Lou - glad to hear your capable hands and skills are wrapped around such a fine machine. Hope you enjoy it lots! Great detail in that moon shot!
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Hi Lou,

Somehow I knew this was coming, if not now, soon. . .

Congrats on the new body!!! . . . and a great first image posted from it!

It is rather intimidating at first -- nah -- it's still pretty intimidating after a couple of months. . . there's still a lot I haven't even gotten around to playing with. I felt (and still feel) that way, and I had both the K10 and K20 before it. You did exactly the right thing taking some time with the manual before going out to play.

I don't know how much you might monitor other fora, so excuse me if I tell you anything that you already know. . . but here are a few things that might help:

Fast cards are important. The K20 and K-7 both can take advantage of cards with 133x (20Mb/sec) speed, but faster doesn't get you much (except for on the read side). Others have measured the write speed at somewhere in the 18Mb/sec range. I've guesstimated about the same speed, but with totally unscientific methods, I believe this figure.

Lens correction (for aberrations) slows everything down. It's nice, but the processing required is pretty intensive.

Multipoint mode in AF C will slow down your continuous frame rate to about 3FPS, but it does make BIF tracking easier. Center point will allow the full 5+FPS, but it's obviously harder to track a moving subject with a long lens and keep it in the center of the VF. I think you will find that it's a lot easer to track BIF because of the shorter VF blackouts though -- the difference is significant.

Another thing that I've noticed about AF C is that if you wait to get a focus confirm for the first shot (or really close), it will go a long way to allow the camera to nail the focus on the rest of the string. This might be obvious to others, but I somehow figured that the increased AF speed would just close in on the subject during the string. A badly OOF first shot will almost guarantee that most of the rest of the string will also be OOF.

There's already a firmware update, but there are possibly some additional info that Pentax isn't saying much about. The original FW V 1.01 was released soon after they started shipping the K-7. There were a lot of complaints about the procedures necessary to change focus point due to the change in the 4-way switch. The original FW required an OK button press before changing the active focus point location. FW 1.01 adds a menu choice so you can keep it as it was originally, or change the default when in Select Point mode to select the focus point.

There was a guy who was talking to Pentax Service about the "spider thin green line" that Harriet experienced with her first K7 after the sensor heated up using LV or video modes. P Svc told him that there was no confirmation of the problem, but he might consider downloading and installing the 1.01 FW version from the German Pentax site (and later the Japanese site), even if he had already installed 1.01.

He did this and his green line problem went away, apparently never to return.
After he posted this, others have had the same experience. They report that the full exif (as viewed through PhotoME) showed that the firmware version from the German site showed V, while the original had been V This is the only place a difference showed up -- when turning the camera on with the Menu button pressed, V 1.01 is all that shows on the LCD with either version. AFAIK, this is unconfirmed by Pentax and undocumented.

Personally, I just use center point or multipoint, so I haven't installed the new FW -- I have a thing about not fixing something that ain't broke -- and I don't use LV much and haven't even tried video, so I don't even know if my copy of the K-7 has the problem. . . so no testimonial from me on this. . .but nobody has reported any problems or other than reported changes in operation from loading either version of the FW. I did download and save each version, and the BIN files are the same size, but there are reports that they show different checksum totals (but one guy tested both and said they were the same. . .). -- just reporting what I've read. . .

I think that's about it --


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Congratulations Lou, what a great upgrade, have fun, take lots of shots.
The moon shot is fabulous terrific detail.


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Congratulations on the K-7 and he very nice moon shot. Like GW, I too am jealous.

My K100d is so much fun, but I just can't stop feeling K-7's tug.

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Way to go, Lou! I know what you mean about the camera being intimidating, I found it so also, even though I went from the K20. There's so much more to this camera and for some reason, I'm having trouble getting my head around some of it. But that's OK - I'm still taking lots of good pictures without using some of the other features.

I installed the firmware update not long after it came out because I wanted the option of changing the focus points without pushing the OK button every time. I haven't used it yet, but thought it might come in handy on occasion. Since I haven't had the green line problem with this camera, I haven't tried to update to the newest version of the firmware.
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