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Wonderful shots, mole (as usual). I rarely see our common rattlers any more for some reason - guess I'm just not looking hard enough for them. I've often seen them in years past, and once my Golden got too close for the snake's comfort (and was one sick dog for a week or so). The buckeye is one of my favorite butterfly. As far as your butterfly in flight picture - I like it, it's better than my humble attempts at the same thing. But my favorite is the first rattlesnake picture.
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Thanks for all the kind comments - glad you liked our stroll!

Rodney - thanks - he is a cutie, isn't he!! By the way, Aster means "star," and they sure are star-like flowers. Have been seeing many more (individuals and species) the past few days!

Patty - Thanks! He was a very patient butterfly.

Tim - Thanks so much. I do not have a lot of equipment. The aster was shot handheld with the Tamron 18-250.

Lou - All enjoyed seeing him, and I was able to keep all (both students and dogs) at a safe distance!

Harriet - glad to hear your dog recovered! I did not realize you had Buckeyes out west too. Very interesting... Glad you liked the "fif" shot - it was not planned - he just took off as I was trying to "shoot" him!
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Darn, been so busy I missed this post.

Great series Mole,
the first butterfly shot is my fav, especially because of the dof and not common angle.

The one in flight has a bit to much movement to my liking. Would have loved it if some part of it wasn't blurred by the movement.

Then the last 2, great shots a kind of wildlife that isn't around where I live.
Had my first view of a snake (a harmless watersnake) last year and I've been around for some years.

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Ronny - thanks for the insightful input about the butterfly photos. That is a big help to me!

I had no idea your region was so snakeless! If you want to see plenty of snakes, just come to East Tennessee in the late summer! (We used to joke about Frozen Head State Park - if you asked one of the Rangers for a rattlesnake, he'd say, "What size do you need?")
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As usual Mole:
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