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Default Front/Back Focussing

I occasionally run into mis-focusing (front or back) with my K10D. I understand that there may be a procedure that I can do to assure accurate focusing more often. Is there any such thing in this camera?

I have a Sigma 17-70mm, and a Pentax DA55-300mm lens, and a few older manual Pentax lenses. When they are focused, they are very sharp.
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The K10 doesn't have that capability officially (the K20 and K-7 do). Depending on which version of the firmware you have, there's supposed to a hack to the firmware that can adjust the focus point, but I was always afraid to try it when I had a K10. Several of my favorite lenses were manual focus, so I tended to not use the AF with most of my lenses.

If your K10 is still under warranty, I'd recommend sending it into Pentax - there's a newer AF mechanism that they will install that deals with any focus issues. Someone here reported sending their out of warranty K10 in for repair and it was around $150 or so.

Scott recently posted in another thread additional details about the hack options, but I can't remember exactly what thread it was.
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Front/back focus charts are tricky to use because the angle of the camera relative to the chart must be exact. Consistent focus can be dependent on your choice of focusing method related to your subject. If you haven't used these methods, try spot focus in repeated shots of a uniform subject to see if the camera focuses consistently, then try the other modes on a grid like a brick wall - preferably on a tripod. If it is consistent, then it might have been operator error rather than a camera malfunction or lens misadjustment. The K20 and K7 allow and memorize AF focus plane adjustments for several lenses, but not the K10. Either the camera or lenses must be readjusted by repair personnel or you will have to use manual focus with whichever lens is not accurate.
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