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Originally Posted by Keltech View Post
Scott, I had this problem with my wife who always blinked when I took flash pictures with PTTL flash.

A way around this is to use the 2 second timer and let the people you are photographing know that they will see a light first (the pre-flash) and then to wait 2 seconds for the flash. This always works!
Hi Lou,

This is a great work around, but I usually shoot quick candids, and don't have the luxury of setting up the shots. Auto thyristor (or old TTL flashes with the DS) only flash during the exposure and give me the ability to shoot "blinkers" more naturally, so I usually go that route.

I read that you can shoot groups with P-TTL and eliminate blinkies by telling everyone to close their eyes, and then open them on the count of 3. . . when I tried this, the result was that everyone looked like they were casting for "Dawn of the Dead". . .

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Hi Rodney. If you can't afford a really good wireless flash, I suggest just getting a cheaper second hand unit, perhaps an older style thyristor flash. These should be very cheap. (Make sure trigger voltage is OK). I use an ancient Suntax 9000DT. Had it for ever. It's very usable. Then save up for a modern flash (eg Sigma EF 530DG Super). The older flash will not be superceded as you can use it as a trigger for the wireless flash. In fact I use all my old flash units in a studio setup when doing portraits.
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Hi Rodney,

I treated myself to the Metz 48 AF-1 last Xmas (fortunately through a very good offer, saved around GB£70 on the deal). I can recommend the unit, it's build quality is excellent, and once you get your head around using it (it doesn't take long), performance is equally good. No regrets at all in buying this unit. ... Jack.
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I know you don't want to buy overseas, but I purchased the Pentax AF540FGZ from Camera Clearance Center on ebay for $249 US. He lists about 5 or 10 of these at this price every couple of weeks and they sell out in about 2 days. You definitely can't go wrong with this flash.
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