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I second the 'proprietary' option as well. It works really well with my K20D.
I still occasionally use my DL with a pair of 'Juice' brand rechargeable CRV3. It has been working perfect for 2 yrs. I know somebody said it is risky incl Pentax but that does not bother me as DL residual value is low.

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I think the whole battery debate is much ado about nothing. Reminds me of the old motorcyclist debate about using your lights in the daytime running down you battery. People took sides but battery technology is a lot better than people give it credit for.

For the most part I don't think there are that many people running out of juice due to one battery type vs the other. Now if you are a pro and you are using all kinds of equipment shooting weddings or sporting events it may be an issue but other than that I doubt its a big issue to most people.

The bottom line is the old boy scout creed. Regardless if its a fist full of AAs, rechargeables or the proprietary battery and spares you should be prepared. I always charge my batteries and spares if I know I am going to be using my camera. If you had a film camera you would have spare film wouldn't you & you either have a big or multiple memory cards for the digital?

I decided that it doesn't really matter for me. I wouldn't eliminate a camera I like over the battery it uses. If I grab it on the fly and the battery is not holding a charge, time to get a new one. That being said, I think lighter is better but if it feels right for your uses, it just feels right.

In the big scheme of choices, I think the battery type for most users should be less of a consideration than its made out to be. Your mileage may vary.
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Originally Posted by bock1965 View Post
I think though, seriously, that what really is going on is that the use of AA's is one of the things that is used by marketing teams to separate in the minds of camera buyers consumer/ basic level cameras and advanced/semipro/pro level cameras.
Thanks again Bock
I think it has more to do with features and the required power to provide them, more than a marketing thing. As cameras get more complicated and add more features that require power (like live view, movie mode, 5 frame auto bracket with one shutter push, etc.), they require power that AA batteries (even 4 of them) can't provide either at all, or for very long. So while a basic entry level camera can operate with AA batteries, a more advanced camera can't - that's why you end up seeing only entry level cameras running on AA.
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