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Default Miniatures show--Sigma 17-70 ISO 1250 (18 imgs)

Hi All,

Haven't been shooting anything worth posting, mostly just experimenting some. . . but I went to the Military Miniatures Society of IL show today to take some pics.

I've shot this show in the past, and have used a number of different lenses, like the Tamron 28-75/2.8, D FA 100 Macro, FA 50 1.4 with a Nikon 4T closeup, but this year, I decided to use either the DA 10-17 FE or the Sigma 17-70/2.8-4.5 DC Macro. I decided on the Sigma because the show was being held in a new place, and I thought the FE would pull in too much unknown background and if I had to use flash, I'd have to mess with it too much to get good coverage with such a wide lens.

All these were with the K-7, Sigma 17-70, with available light only, handheld. I tried to get the best angle available for the backgrounds without being able to move the piece. I was using Auto ISO with a max of 1250, and it chose 1250, except for the Bakshi character from "Wizards", where it went to 1000.

I'm not much of a military miniatures fan, but they have a lot of fantasy and horror characters, so I usually concentrate on them. The quality of the hand painting on these has consistently gotten better every year, and this show was no exception.

These first are miniature rooms -- This first is about 12" (30cm) wide and 16" (40cm) long. There was glass covering the only opening, and I couldn't avoid the reflections as the artist was standing right next to me, and I couldn't press the lens against the glass.

There is an anomaly in this picture. See if you can find it!

It's incredibly detailed. Here's a 100% crop of the paintings on the back wall.

This one's a bit smaller, maybe 12"x12"

I cloned the reflections from the glass on this one.

On this one, I had to choose the sketch, the statue, or the sculptor to focus on -- in this shot, it's the statue. This is the smallest of the rooms at maybe 8"x8", and there was no glass.

This is the only shot that wasn't at ISO 1250. These guys are about 10" tall together.

This one's about 4"

About 6"

About 7"

About 9"

I have to split this post as you're only allowed 12 images per, so I'll continue this on an answer.


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Here are the rest. . .

I did get a few shots of the military figures. This bust is about 5" tall

This guy's a little cross-eyed and about 2.5" tall. There's a whole scene with other soldiers following on the bridge. You can see how shallow the DOF is that I was working with by looking at the bricks on the bridge.

I don't know why I stopped the lens down so much for this one -- it cost me in camera shake though. I guess the Joker made me do it. . .

I took two of this guy -- the other's focused on the hand. I liked this one better.

I like how this one came out. On this one, I corrected a little PF on the goggles

Don't agree with the sentiment on the T-shirt. . . but I've always wanted this hair. . .

These last are only between 2-3.5" tall. I think the detail on them is just incredible.

I've got more, but these were my favorites.

BTW, this Sigma 17-70 is great for this type of thing. It focuses super close, and I could support the camera on the table most of the time. All shots were PP'd to taste, some levels, a little sharpening, and Topaz Denoise lightly used on most. It's so easy to shoot ISO 1250 with the K-7. I have Denoise set to 0 chroma noise reduction for this camera. In-camera NR is set to start at ISO 800 at Medium strength. All of these were shot in jpg ***.


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Wow, Wow, Incredible and the miniatures aren't bad either.

They are all so amazing and you shot them all so well, I like the depth of field in the General on Bridge shot and who doesn't like Pink Floyd.
I never seen anything like this, thanks so much for sharing, a real delight.

By the way that's a nice ring your wearing.


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Originally Posted by snostorm View Post
About 7"

What a change of style from heavy long lenses!!
This could be a very capable portrait lens

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Amazing shots Scott!
Shows a good combination of gear and skill.
The quality of these at such a high ISO is really something!

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Nicely done, Scott-

I shoot a lot with the Sigma 17-70mm lens and like what it can do.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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Really outstanding series, Scott. I love the detail and manipulation of DOF. Favorites, in order, the Lincoln shot, the Japanese lady with a katanga, and the aviator smoking a pipe. Excellent job controlling the lighting.

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These are all really awesome! Wonderful detail and just top quality shots. Lincoln is my favorite, closely followed by Gollum (think that's who it is, if I recall my movies correctly) - the DOF you used is perfect for it.

Is that your fingers and a bit of the lens in the mirror of the first one?

P.S. - I'm not crazy how Noise Ninja works with the K-7, these done with Topaz Denoise looks a lot better than what I've been getting with either LR's noise reduction or Noise Ninja.
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Wow! Never seen anything like these. The statues and your shots of them are amazing.

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I echo every else's sentiments. Fascinating subjects, and excellent photos. My favorite is the general leading the soldiers along the brick walkway. I like how the background is very much out of focus, but you can still make out the next soldier in the line.
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