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Beautiful reflections and colors. You are blessed with an abundance of nature to photograph, and you do it so well!
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Originally Posted by mole View Post
Harriet - thanks for your complimentary comments! It's easy to take pretty pictures ins such a beautiful place!! Glad you enjoyed them. I don't usually take the time to slow down and look for unique perspectives, but had a great hiking companion who encouraged me to "stop and smell the lilies" - or perhaps to smell the rich muddy places near the lilies!!

SharpShotGal - I too enjoy searching out the unique patterns in frost, and am looking forward to more coming soon. Sorry to hear about the theft - I don't suppose you kept any back-ups of those photos...
I thought I had since I would down them after I hit a certain number to a new disk of course but I did not ... and then I was told that Dell could close the lap top off on whom ever has it and when I finally got home and found the receipt they told me they could not but then again that could be those in the call receiving office nto the actuall report sectipon area... it has gotten me to tell my self just dont trrust any one and that is hard cause then how does one enjoy a life... if they can't trust any one any more? SO I move forward and with my situation of having some kind of issue that is not right I know there will be some whom will follow me just to cause problems as such stealing wercking hovic on my very being I just have to go with what ever flow there is ... and keep moving mean one day they mite get caught doing the worng they do.
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Mole, I think you should be working for the State Dept. for the exploitation of the beautiful resources of Tenn!

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Lovely series, I love the water lilies shots.


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Dr. C - actually it was a human, not canine companion who slowed me down this time! Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Lou - yes indeed I am blessed. Thanks for the kind words.

SSG - I certainly do hope & pray that things turn in a better direction for you...

GW - I try not to exploit things too badly!

Rodney - thanks so much!
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More different and varied visions - you have an excellent ability to see and take advantage of new opportunities whenever they arise. Well done!
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.
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the reflection ones are all beautiful. although, i have to say that the second one on the first set of reflections is my favorite, something about the darkness seems unexpected within this series, and the light sparkling on the surface adds to the image. the leaf ones once again look posed, i'm not sure why. maybe because it's just one leaf against a obviously man-made background. although, i guess the first one's not obviously man-made. so, i don't know why, but they just look posed. yup.
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