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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
Scott - Which brings up the question, does one leave the annoying piece of land in the picture, because it is really there, or take poetic license and edit it out? My answer - see the revised picture now proudly posted, without the offending land blob.

Since GW made the comment that the colors look natural, I must have done something right with it.

You aren't alone with the impression that the white gull is looking at me - I thought so too. In fact, I thought that it looked more like all of the other birds were flying off but that one was warily checking me out ("now what might she want?").
Hi Harriet,

I think you made the right decision on the edit. IMO, the "straight from the camera" thing is for photojournalists, courts, formal photo contests, and photo technical stuff where one is trying to illustrate a point. If you're not trying to deceive anyone with the edits, especially for things like posting here to show off a shot you like, I think it's ultimately appropriate. Nice job on the edit. . .

I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw the gull looking at you -- I sometimes anthropomorphize animal expressions a bit more than some might consider healthy.

Good choice, keeping the A*300 -- It's hard to part with a lens that's as good as that one is.

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A second thanks, Penolta, for the gull information - the gulls that I wondered about are definitely Heerman's Gulls. Here's a picture of several of them (easy to see when I know where to look in my guide book).

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Nice series, that landscape shot is wonderful, lovely light, and it just looks likes it goes forever.


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Lovely shots! No 1 and the feather shot are my favorites. Nice job on the BIF'S.

ONL is a magical place with such diverse scenery. I remember the deer up at Hurricane Ridge that were not spooked by anything. I took photos of them not more than 5 feet from my car window. They seemed to know they were in a protected environment.

We were lucky; we were in the Hoh rain forest area for two days and no rain. In fact the year we visited the rainfall was at a record low.

As your first photo showed the beaches at low tide were certainly littered with the remnants of the serious logging that goes on up there.

Nice series!

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I echo Scott's comments about # 1--stunning composition!!
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Very nicely done, Harriet. Very beautiful country there and you captured it well.

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Hi Harriet!
Even if your posted photos never have been bad or so, it's amazing to see how far you have come since we started out here at about the same time some years ago. #1 is a magazine cover!

I'm back again from Colombia with a few hundred pretty boring conference shots, very uninteresting for anyone who's not him-/herself in the shot.

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Thanks Rodney, Patty, and jelpee.

Lou - we didn't see any of the elk, and since it was rutting season, I'm not completely disappointed. Perhaps next time we go up there.

Kjell - Welcome back! It's been such a fun couple of years, and I think while I've grown a great deal as a photographer, thanks to all of you here, I still have room for lots of improvement and I think my pictures are inconsistent - sometimes I can take a whole series of fun, satisfying pictures and other times I think they are empty. Too bad about not being able to get out and explore Colombia - I think it would be a fascinating place to photograph.

- Harriet
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