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Old Oct 29, 2009, 11:35 AM   #11
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Spectacular color and the photography is as always, fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love the ripples and that very cute chipmunk, as far as orientation on the first couple, I like both.


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Jelpee - you're quick - posted before I even finished! Thanks for your kind and specific comments

Sarah - thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed these - the "balloon-atics" probably enjoyed it even more!

Lou - thanks so much - it has been a lovely bright autumn here thanks to our cool wet summer.

Rodney - thanks! That chipmunk shot was just a lucky shot with the 135-600 zoom. Was out to photograph some birds at the shore, when the chipmunk showed up and "stole the show." I plan to go back and see if he is still there, and ready to pose some more.
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Old Oct 30, 2009, 2:57 PM   #14
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Great series again Mole!
I really like the composition on the first barn shot too.
These make me want to come back up there.
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Old Oct 30, 2009, 8:47 PM   #15
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Nice ones as usual, mole. I prefer the first of the two tree/water shots. The second one makes me feel too confined. Just my opinion, though.

I love the chipmunk. So, cute. I wonder if he managed to get that out of his mouth. Looks like his jaw is stretched to the end.

I hope my image I took similar to your shot up into the tree with the yellow leaves came out half as good as yours. I love it.

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Old Oct 31, 2009, 12:43 PM   #16
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i think that both of the autumn with lake photos are successful, but for different reasons, and if you could take a picture that combined the two, that would be the best. the first one, probably simply because of its horizontality, emphasizes the amount of color, the... i don't quite know how to phrase this, maybe more of the impact i know comes from actually seeing this bluff (? hill?) in person. but the second one completes the image by including the edge of the reflection, the blue of the lake with just sky reflected in it. for some reason to me it does seem a bit sliced out, maybe just because i am used to traditional landscapes being horizontal, but there you have it.
i do enjoy the ripple pictures, especialy the second one. ha, i've finally convinced you that abstraction is good : ) just kidding, but it is interesting how photographing just the reflection in the lake, especially when the reflection is interupted in some way, the image becomes abstracted to just the colors and shapes, without as much of the "here is autumn in Tennessee" that you see in the ones with the bluff included. not that either one is better than the other, but you have just succeded in showing many sides of the same thing. yup.
although the cow's face for some reason makes me laugh, i think that the previous one, with the barn, is a much more succesful image. the way that the trees overpower the barn compositionally, but through that lead the eye to the barn, it's pretty intreaguing.
did you do something weird to the steps picture? it looks, i don't know, fuzzy or hazey or something. like in the old b/w films where they smeared vaseline over their lens to get a soft focus over the leading lady. (hum, i wonder if that would work with photography, or if it just wouldn't be worth the trouble of cleaning it up.)
but, looking at the second fern photo, it looks like you did the same thing to it. what is the 'orton affect'?
ha, this is what you get for asking for critique from an art major who wants to be a teacher too : ) now i shall continue to give you extremely long responses to some of your other photos!
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Old Nov 1, 2009, 5:02 PM   #17
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GW - thanks! Hope you can make it back up here again one of these days!

Patty - nice to "hear" from you again! It seems it's been a while since you posted - or maybe I've just missed some posts... The chipmunk was carrying hickory nuts, one at a time, from the base of this hickory tree back to his/her den. It sure does look like that nut was stuck, doesn't it!

Vole - thanks for these very helpful, specific and insightful comments. I will not respond to all of yours (don't want to take up too much forum space), but will copy them down for my use. Your suggestions will definitely help me to grow in photography! By the way, the Orton Effect (you might want to "google" this) was developed for film by a Mr. Orton. The effect is supposed to make the photo look "dreamier" without losing too much detail. Not sure if I like it or not...
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