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Default Hiking to Sol Duc Waterfall

I've re-done a couple of the high ISO shots from this hike, so I thought I'd post some. They aren't all high ISO, just a couple.

Sol Duc is a popular waterfall and there were tons of others on the trail. Washington has quite a tree canopy so that even though it was raining, and both I and my equipment got wet, it wasn't unpleasant. I saw a number of people hiking with their dSLR cameras covered in plastic bags, a very smart move if your equipment isn't weather sealed, and probably a good idea even if it is. I didn't think the rain was really hard enough to justify plastic so I let Dan use the DA*50-135 on the K20. That left me without a zoom or a weather sealed wide angle, so I used the DA*200 and took mostly detail shots. When we got to the falls, the rain more or less stopped, enough that I felt comfortable seeking a sheltered spot to change to the DA 12-24 to try to photograph the waterfall.

Being someone who lives at the edge of a desert, where life rather struggles to survive, I'm not used to seeing plants growing on plants growing on plants.

The trail follows a river to the falls. This was just a small cascade near the beginning of the trail, but I thought I'd practice some waterfall shooting techniques before actually getting to the falls. I was pleased how this came out.

As I said, it was raining pretty much the whole time we were hiking. Of course, I had to try to capture some rain drops (though I wasn't willing to switch to my macro lens - this was taken with the DA*200)

And who can resist ferns?

Or trees just starting to change colors?

The waterfall is rather neat - you see it from above the falls, on a bridge over the stream/river. If you look very very closely (it's hard to see in this reduced picture, easier with the full sized shot) can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture?

The falls:

The rain wasn't really a hinderance to photographing this lovely area. Having no sun meant that there was far smaller dynamic range, so I didn't feel it necessary to resort to HDR to capture the full range of light/dark that I wanted to.
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Really outstanding images! I think the overcast skies make for great lighting--I had the same experience when visiting WV. The waterfall images are really good--white balance is spot on...conveys a nice moist and lush feel! Re waterfalls, I find somewhere between 1/2 and 1 sec works the best. With anything over that, I find it tends to wash out the water flow.

Re. the "What's wrong with this picture?", if my eyes do not deceive me, looks like you are using a "see through" lens cap

Thanks for sharing... I am officially putting this location on my list of places to visit!!
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Nice series, I like them all. I like splashes of color from the rain slickers in the last one.

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Many thanks, Harriet-

Great images. You made me feel like I was there.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks - good eyes jelpee. As I walked across the bridge I saw Dan aim his camera at me. I figured it would be a cuter shot to have me taking a picture, so I quickly raised the camera up to my eye. I didn't have time to take the lens cap off, but I figured you wouldn't be able to tell. I was actually amazed that the logo showed as clearly as it did!

I almost didn't post the last one - the green blur of the slicker is somewhat distracting to me and I have a portrait version of the same view where the slicker person is long gone. I didn't like it quite as well otherwise - it didn't have the feeling of place like this one does, so I chose this one, even though it has the fault.
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lovely set. great colors and contrast and pleasing comps.
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Lovely images, Harriet. Nice assortment.

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Mmm.... all that ice cold water I remember going up with a group once to a glacier I am sure it is no longer there up near 20 and it looked just like this as well and the water from the glacier was nice and crisp cold I love this moist air to breathe in and all better for living... another great set of pictures there MtnGal
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Harriet - you certainly captured the essence of this rich landscape very well! All are wonderful, but somehow I like the fern and the little cascade the best - the little details in the midst of the grand land!
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Excellent series, Harriet.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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