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Old Nov 13, 2009, 12:30 AM   #11
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I love sunrises, and this one was a dandy. Your groundhog looks very well fed, and I love the eye on the insect. Very nice series!
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Old Nov 13, 2009, 5:30 AM   #12
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I enjoyed seeing the photo including the 1955 chevrolet pickup truck. I drove one of these in my construction work for two or three years. I sold it to one of our job superintendents and he drove it for about ten years.
The model in the picture was one having a small rear window. Some had a larger, curved window which was a bit more costly. Chevy produced a "Fleetside" version which had a fiberglas-sided rear bed. There were not many of those, and they were not long-lasting.
The hooded headlights on this truch were prone to collecting mud and debris because of their shape, and these rusted out very quickly in climates conducive to rusting. The side panels behind the doors also had a serious rust problem.
My son bought one of the Fleetside models when he worked in Tucson in 1975 or 6, and brought it home. It had a Columbia rear end which worked poorly, so he and I removed that and installed a rear end from ( I think ) a 1954 chevy sedan. He drove it awhile, but left it with me, and I sold it for him to a rebuilder for $250 who wanted to rebuild it from the ground up.
This pickup was the first to have a V-* engine, and was a lovely vehicle to drive. I see them now and then, fully rebuilt, and looking like new. Itand the 55 chevy cars are real classics, all distinguished by the egg-crate grille.
Old Engineer
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Old Nov 14, 2009, 8:51 PM   #13
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I agree with the previous comments. I really like the shot of the abandoned house. Ordinarily I would dislike the trees and brush in the foreground, but in this case it amplifies the sense of something manmade returning to nature. Also, as a general rule I prefer outdoor shots with blue skies and fluffy clouds, but again, in this case the gray sky is perfect. It gives the shot a somewhat sorrowful feeling. Very nicely done.

And your groundhogs look like they have had a very good summer!
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Old Nov 15, 2009, 2:46 AM   #14
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Very nice series (as usual), Mole. I agree with mtnman´s comments on the house. Together with the car it gives a tremendous feeling of abandondeness (existing word?).
Groundhog? I thought I got a pretty good grip on nature and species, but this one is new to me. Don't think we have anything like it in Europe, if you don't go as far as rats and rabbits. What are they, how do they live their lives?

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Old Nov 16, 2009, 4:40 PM   #15
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GW - Thanks! Yes that was taken with the 135-600 zoom. I was using my truck as a "blind," and leaning just the end of the lens out the window. A bit tricky to focus that way, but he sure is cute!!

Rodney - Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed them!

Harriet - That was indeed an amazing sunrise, and I almost missed it by heading to the wrong spot! Thanks.

Old Engineer - Thanks for the interesting truck history & memories.

Mtnman - Thanks - that's just the mood I was trying to capture. And yes, our Groundhogs are indeed quite fat these days...

Kjell - Thanks so much for the kind words.
Groundhog is our local common name for a large rodent, also often called a woodchuck or "whistle pig" because of their whistling call. They eat soft plant materials (including my vegetable garden!), and spend a good part of their time at or near their underground dens. They seem to spend all of the spring, summer and fall eating and getting fat, and then hibernate all winter (what a life!). Pretty good eating, although a bit greasy, and often preyed on by foxes, coyotes, (hungry park rangers) etc. They are distant cousins of squirrels, and they can climb trees if necessary!
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Old Nov 16, 2009, 8:25 PM   #16
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Mole just catching up, I was away for 4 days.

Great shots. I like the Carolina Wrens the Chevy and the sunrise best but they are all nicely done and interesting as usual.

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Old Nov 18, 2009, 6:28 AM   #17
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Lou - I've been gone several days too - park events, trail work, etc.
Glad you enjoyed these - thanks!
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Old Nov 19, 2009, 10:31 PM   #18
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Just want to add to the list of compliments-well done. Really like the seed-head and your birds,these and the ones from a more recent post.
If you come back and read this would you tell me which pentax you shoot with and the lens you used with the birds. Am looking at a Pentax slr and am curious.
Thanks so much,
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Old Nov 20, 2009, 9:44 AM   #19
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Everyone else before me has said what I wanted to say even better than I wanted to say it, so bundle it all up and receive it all again. You have such a good eye, and we all benefit so much. Thank you.

BTW, Old Engineer, I lost several street (illegal) races against a 55 Chevy truck back in the 50's. LOL.
Lawrence Culbertson
Sequim, WA

K5, Sigma 50 1.4, Tamron 28-75, Tamron 70-200 2.8, Panasonic LX5, Canon G15
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Old Nov 20, 2009, 1:01 PM   #20
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Norma - Thanks for your kind and compimentary words. I find it easy to take pretty pictures, living in such a lovely part of the Creation. To answer your question, my camera is a Pentax K-M (same as the K2000) - the "bottom of the line" camera. My usual lens for most photos is a Tamron 18-250. For the long telephoto shots, I have an old (probably 25 years old) 135-600 Pentax lens - bought it used from KEH.com for about $400. It's fully manual, but takes great photos when my old eyes can work with it... Hope you find a Pentax you like, and hope to see your photos here! You might want to look into the new Pentax K-X. You can get it with a 2 lens kit (18-55 and 55-300) that a lot of folks say are fine lenses.

Dr. C - I am humbled by your praise. Just enjoy sharing the beauty that catches my eye... (and glad I was not out on the streat when you were racing!!)
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