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Nice shot, Harriet. I never gave a thought to using IR to shoot through haze. There is a hill in Andover where I can see Boston 20 miles away but all my attempts at pictures have failed due to haze. Next Summer I will give it a try with the IR filter and my 50-200mm with the 1.4 TC and see what I get.

I also never gave my Viv series 1 a thought to use for IR. I never even looked at the filter size on the Viv as I use it only for Macro.

I think that I get a little too impatient shooting with the IR filter. I find getting the white balance correct with the filter on sometimes difficult particularly in lower light conditions.

You are inspiring me to use the IR more. I have thought of having the K100 converted for IR but am more inclined to use it with the Zenatar as a second wide body camera.

I like Scott's idea of a used Panasonic for IR shooting.

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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post

Scott's idea of using a Panny FZ1 is a neat thought - I wonder if the FZ5 would work also?
Hi Harriet,

IIRC, Panasonic used a considerably stronger IR filter on subsequent cameras, so I think that they are not as easily usable for this purpose. I had to find some files that have long been archived on a external drive, and it appears that most of the exposures were at ISO 200, f2.8, and somewhere around 1/10, so those on the wide side were easily handholdable with the Mega IOS. f2.8 might sound like a very wide aperture, but with the tiny sensor, the DOF is still very deep, the pics are acceptably sharp, and I found that the 2mp files printed well to 8x10 and were very good for monitor display. IMO, the major appeal of IR is the WOW factor of the color and contrast shifts as opposed to image detail, so this works for me, but, of course, YMMV.

For those who might consider this alternative, if you buy a used FZ1, the camera's lens does not have filter threads on it, so you need to make sure that the filter/hood adapter is included -- it's essentially a tube that screws on over the lens and has the needed 55mm filter threads.

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