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Default Feline photos

Hey all,

I got my K-X a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share a few photos my wife and I took of our two cats. We're both beginners at this so any tips/critiques would be great. Enjoy!

The first shot is the original. The second is PP with the WB changed to tungsten(I think that's what I did). The third shot I liked very much except for the distracting elements in the background. And the fourth shot was cropped and made brighter.
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Queyan -

Welcome to the forums! Some fine photos of some very cute subjects. I'm sure you will get many far better suggestions, but just to share my 2 cents...

I like the mood, composition and DOF of the first, but think it might have benefitted from a bit of fill flash - would like to see more detail of the cat's face.

The black cat face is a fascinating subject, well conceived and arranged. It looks a bit soft to me - what shutter speed were you using?

The last one shows very good, sharp detail and great composition, as well as great capture of the mood.

Thanks for sharing these photos, and hope you both continue to enjoy your new camera!
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Welcome to the forum, Queyan
From what I see and hear, you have a really nice camera and I hope you'll continue to share your photos with us. The more you take the more you'll learn, remember the film is free! This is a great forum and the folks here are willing to share and give advice so don't hesitate to ask questions.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Love the last one - that's my favorite.

A couple of thoughts about the first one - you were shooting with backlighting above the cat, always a difficult task. That's why the face is dark. You could try fill flash, but it would totally change the feel of the picture. Also, the face is a bit out of focus - perhaps the camera didn't keep up with the cat's movement toward you, choosing to focus on the back. I happen to like what you did when you changed the white balance - it gave the picture a somewhat mysterious feel to it, overcoming the technical problems in my opinion. I'm sure others will totally disagree with me.

I also think that the black cat is a bit soft (camera shake?) but it's still a good picture. Keep snapping - you are doing really well! Post more, I love cat pictures.
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Hi queyan,

Welcome to the Forum!

A very nice first pic post -- one of my favorite subjects -- but my cats now hide whenever I pull out a camera . . .

These all appear a bit underexposed on my monitor. I can't see any exif info for these pics, so I can't tell what metering mode you used, but I'd suggest you try center-weighted, which takes information from the whole frame, but biases the exposure settings to the area in the center of the frame. You can also take a few test shots, take a look at the shots on the LCD ("chimp" the shot) then use + Ev compensation to brighten the image if you see it's a bit dark.

Post some more -- I think that we're all curious to see more real life Kx examples.

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Welcome , Lovely cats.

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