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Default Pentax K-x + Kid + Christmas Tree

plus lots of time spent just pushing buttons and turning dials to see what they did!

Link to Album.

This pic is my favorite of the them, I think.

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You've created a lovely Christmas scene. I can see that the flash fired and with a bit more flash used this would have made it really pop taking it from good to wonderful. If you have a chance use the setting on the camera to force the flash to give out more power.... I would suggest one extra stop and see what a huge difference this makes.

Also if you are doing it again, shoot from a lower angle, this will give a bit more of the tree and less of the red material underneath it.

I hope you get a chance to shoot it again as I think the final result will be stunning
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Ditto on Mark's comments.

What flash mode did you use? If you had not done this already, try it with the flash mode set to night scene where the flash fires at the begining of the exposure and the shutter stays open to expose for the ambient light. If the flash is too bright, then simply dial it down. Also, I don't know if the Kx has the trailing sync (or rear curtain) flash option where the shutter opens and exposes for the ambient light and then the flash fires before the shutter curtain closes. I use this on my K20D with very good results. Of course a tripod is a must in either case!
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Okie. Here's some more. These are just tree shots. Up close of ornaments and lights and such. Album

Again, a thumbnail of my favorite of the series:

Mind you, I haven't read the manual yet. I know zilch about SLR cameras. I am just turning dials and wheels and pressing buttons and looking at the result to see "What did that do?" So far, I am very impressed by the K-x overall. Some pictures look great. Some look like that orangutan took them. Some turn out to have some interesting effects! I am certain that as I learn more about photography, I will be able to create pictures that are "technically" better. Right now, I am just looking at pictures and saying "that's awful" or "I like that one". Feel free to look at the EXIF data and tell me what things to change to improve a picture, etc. (I have no clue how, but I am under the understanding that you can look at the EXIF data on photobucket. I haven't been able to find it, but I've been assured it is indeed available and not stripped.)
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Welcome to the Kx, I love mine. I downloaded several of your pictures, looked at your settings and have a few suggestions. Some are using a very slow shutter speed, 1/6 second in one case, and that is slow adding to lack of sharpness due to camera movement. The stabilization is good, but not magic. Try at least 1/50. With the Kx high ISO capabilities, you can shoot faster shutter speeds. You are in Portrait scene mode that is intended to soften images. Try custom image Bright. You are in Pattern for metering. Set metering and AF point to Spot. Last but not least, install the new firmware for battery performance and metering. I find P mode works very well for casual shooting. You are doing exactly the right thing, taking a lot of pictures and learning what works.
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