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Old Dec 29, 2009, 10:08 PM   #11
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Incredible shots - I LOVE the ice around the branches - very cool (in more ways than one). Do I ever want to go hiking! Your pictures are always so interesting, reminds me that I need to take a closer look at my local mountain woods. I tend to take them for granted and not look for those interesting little things. They might be boring to many (all conifers) but there's lots of interesting pictures there, if I'd only look for them. Thanks for taking me along on your hike, and reminding me that I need to look closer wherever I am.
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Old Dec 29, 2009, 11:26 PM   #12
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The ice on the Cascades gives a new dimension to your waterfall photography. Thanks for sharing.

The holes in the hollow tree look like a distorted face - reminds of one of the Ents from the Lord of the Rings! I like the little Chickaree, too - nice find.
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Old Dec 30, 2009, 8:11 PM   #13
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Very nice photos. They remind me a bit of the mountains here in the Adirondacks in October. Lovely colors and contrast, especially the rocks, moss, lichen and moving water. What are the very big trees in post #5?
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Old Dec 30, 2009, 8:46 PM   #14
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Beautiful countryside, beautiful shots.
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Old Dec 31, 2009, 8:59 AM   #15
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GW - Hope you are warming up! We did another hike yesterday, and have another planned tomorrow - hope to have some time later to post more cold wintry mt shots!

Harriet - Thanks for your very kind words! It is indeed amazing how much there is to see & enjoy right nearby, wherever we are... Was up at Yellow Mt Gap yesterday and saw even more amazing ice-coated limbs. Hope to have some time to post a few shots later.

Penolta - Thanks so much - glad you enjoyed these. How many different names are there for red squirrels??

Tundraguy - Higher country in the Appalachians is indeed reminiscent of the Adirondacks. The big trees are Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) - which is our TN state tree.

Les - Thanks!!
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Old Dec 31, 2009, 12:56 PM   #16
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Fine end of year series Mole. They are all fabulous pictures. I will have to get out in the cold up here and try some icy waterfall shots myself.

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Old Dec 31, 2009, 6:27 PM   #17
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Great photos as always Mole. I love the ice on the branches, but I'm really taken by your shot showing the size of the tulip poplar trunks. We have almost no old growth forest in our parts, so the biggets trees we see are quite a bit smaller than those in your shot.
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Old Dec 31, 2009, 6:48 PM   #18
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Mole: Great shots. You may have mentioned before, but where are you located in TN? You seem to have a really intersting job -- beats wearing a coat and tie every day.
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Old Jan 1, 2010, 8:18 AM   #19
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As usual, great shots. The shots of the tulip poplar are amazing. I can't help but wonder what those forests looked like when the first settlers made their way into the mountains.

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Old Jan 1, 2010, 8:19 PM   #20
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Beautiful images as usual. The icy waterfalls are amazing.

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