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Originally Posted by snostorm View Post
Personally, I've come to the conclusion that for me, at least, fast glass still has its place -- if nothing else, for AF performance (this is important to me because I have to rely on it -- my vision varies considerably during the course of a normal day, and I can't count on being able to MF accurately, especially in low light).
I'm with you on this, Scott. My vision varies quite a bit depending on how much I've been reading and working on a computer (my work involves a lot of both), whether allergies are bothering me and how tired I am.

This is why I haven't really gotten into some of those classic Pentax manual-focus lenses. I suspect this is an issue for a large part of the population over the age of 40. We need more options for Pentax in terms of fast, auto-focus primes. If Pentax won't do it, I wish a company like Voigtlander would.

I'm thinking about picking up a K-x, which should help with low-light auto focus and high ISOs. In terms of fast lenses - at least in the near-term - I'm thinking of going with the FA 35mm f/2.0 and adding the FA 50mm f/1.4 a bit later. That'll give me the outright speed I might need for a while. Then perhaps I'll add the DA Limiteds one-by-one later. Sure, I'd love a set of FA Limiteds. But I'll probably never be able to justify the price of the 31mm. I'm still working it out.

It is possible that technology may make auto-focus work better with even less light as time goes on. But we still need light for optical viewfinders. Electronic viewfinders might be able to eventually work around the low-light question but EVFs would have to get very good indeed to replace OVFs.

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I am confused, who uses the Acme 3000 the most, the Roadrunner or the Coyote?

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