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Old Jan 2, 2010, 10:56 PM   #11
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I'm with Brian. Ice-encapsulated branches usually means no heat in my home, so I'm too busy feeding the fireplace to take pictures. Still, these are really beautiful, and I really like the first of the set of photos taken as you said you headed down the mountain with the ice-covered hillside highlighted by the blue sky.

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Old Jan 3, 2010, 8:26 AM   #12
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You Put that camera to such good use Mole! More great pix.
I love the birch tree shot. What kind of tracks are those in the second post?

BTW, I got a kick out of the smiley shot.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Old Jan 4, 2010, 5:51 AM   #13
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Thanks for all the kind comments!

Brian - those icy branches were indeed amazing. Fortunately for us, this was an isolated storm up in the high country, far from any homes or powerlines. It did cause much damage to the young trees, but no problems for people. (PS - I am the wood stove tender at our house all winter - that's our only heat. Glad for relatively mild winters!!)

Patty - Thanks! I've been doing a lot of tree bark photography lately for work - to use for some tree ID classes.

Tundraguy - Thanks! All is well with the powerlines this time, just an isolated storm up in the wilderness area.

Harriet - Glad you liked them! Will look forward to your snowy photos.

Hards - Thanks so much! It's fun to try to cover the range from details to broad sweep...

Paul - Thanks for your kind words. Hope you are warm & safe!

GW - Thanks! Those are small bird tracks, probably Junco. The snow was crusted over, in some places so thick that we slid on it, in other places (as in that photo), so thin that even bird feet broke through. Did not leave clear footprints, just the track pattern...
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Old Jan 4, 2010, 6:32 PM   #14
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Great pictures. The Ice shots are my favorites. We do sometimes get an ice storm but more often snow.

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more great photos and the ice ones really are superb, i liked the animal tracks too
a couple of them looked a bit underexposed and dark
but they all looked rather cold
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