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Default Ginger and Chase...

This album is of the dogs. Dogs I think I was playing with Av mode in this set. I am still learning, so some of them totally suck. Open floor for comments to guide my way. Thanks in advance for any help!
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How about you choose one picture of each dog and link it here. If there's something that bothers you about that particular shot, post it and tell what it is that bothers you, asking how to get it better. Or if you really like one of them, post it. None of them look horrible, by the way. And do you have any idea of the first one's heritage? I couldn't even begin to guess what it (he? she?) is. Both are cute dogs by the way.
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Ginger, the reddish brown dog, is Sheltie/Dachsie mix. She thinks she is a big dog, but she's about 8 inches tall. Chase, solid black, is pure-bred Cocker, but he's not AKC. He's one of the other "garbage" registries. We did not buy him. We re-homed him for a military family who was being deployed.

I like this one of Ginger the best:

It's not very sharp though.

I like this one of Chase the best:

I find it really hard to get a shot of Chase where his black coat looks black and not "rusty" and to still see his eyes. He has these big, sad eyes that are so expressive. Maybe fill-flash would help me there?

(Clickable thumbnails, btw. No editing was done to any of these. That's further down on my list of stuff to learn. First priority is to learn to use the camera itself.)

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Cute dogs and nice photos of them! Lots of good detail and color, and great capture of their personalities as well.

Yes, fill flash might help with Chase, and maybe some post-processing work with curves.

Just a suggestion for improving composition of Ginger's photo - see if you can try this same pose as a vertical shot, including her front legs and maybe a little less of the background. Or else just crop this shot a bit to have her more centered... (Attached is a suggested crop - what do you think?)
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