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Default January Monthly Challenge

Thank you to everyone for contributing photos and comments. And thank you for your votes. Being new to this, I didn't know what themes had been used in the past, so checked through the archives, and tried to come up with one that hasn't been used recently. I didn't find "mood" in the past challenges, so for January the theme will be "mood". I'll leave it broadly defined... so the theme can apply to either the expressions of people or animals, or the emotion that the photo elicits. I imagine that some of the holiday photos captured "mood".... I'm granting wide latitude on what you define as mood. Looking forward to your contributions.

Restating the guidelines: pictures should have been taken with a Pentax/Samsung DSLR within the past 90 days. Image size should not exceed 800 pixels on its longest side.
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I like this topic - gotta think of a good, moody topic. Wonder when the next full moon is. Hmmm - a good excuse for some early morning hiking? Can't say anything I've taken recently was moody, this will take some thought...
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An interesting, thought-provoking topic. Will look forward to seeing the range of moods!
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Hmmm... this should get some interesting photos.
I hope I can get something worth submitting this time.

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Great topic, Tundraguy! Have to do some deep thinking on this one!
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When I first thought of "mood" I thought about something somber or meloncholy, but when I saw this shot of my grandson, I decided happy is a mood and he certainly seems to be it so here's my entry! DL, kit lens, ISO 200, auto flash, 1/50, f4.0

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This is a picture of my 13 year old grandson in a "serious mood" as he hand cuts a dovetail for a toolbox he is making with only hand tools.


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Wow what a shop to learn woodworking in, makes a nice backdrop for the shot

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A few weeks ago I posted a series about how the band called Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams came to our town, and several talented music students in our high school joined them on stage. After the show, the kids were hanging out with the band talking about what a great evening it was, and I snapped this picture of Joziah, the lead singer. I think it expresses the mood that dominated that evening. Pentax K20D with FA 50mm f/1.4 lens.
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I was thinking this morning about what "mood" could be and remembered this "mood" my grandson had been in when mom mentioned it was time to go in and take a nap. He was one very unhappy little kid.

Depending on how this displays, I may change it to a close up of his face. There is a tear on his cheek that just adds to the image. But, I like the stance he took showing in this image, too, that just adds to his defiance about going in.


Okay, I've decided to change to the face crop instead. You get more of the effect of the protruding bottom lip as he starts to throw his fit. Hope I'm not boring you all with images of my little sweetie.
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