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The Sigma does look a bit rough, but the dust doesn't look like it would be a problem for most shooting. I have an old SMC 24 mm f2.8 lens (it's a K lens, not even an M lens) that I've used more with a digital camera than I ever did with a film camera because it is more of a "normal" lens on digital. Since you already have it, you might as well use it.

If you loved the Viv on a film camera, you'll probably love it on the digital, though it becomes more of a medium telephoto - you'll have to stand back more.

One of the big reasons I went with Pentax when I decided to venture into dSLR photography was that I had some old "friends" - a couple of Pentax lenses I had bought new in 1980 and had set aside when I bought a Sony F717. I've never regretted buying a Pentax - I saved money initially by using all my old lenses and since most were primes, it re-acquainted me with all that I had once loved about photography. I still occasionally go out and shoot with them (and I've used one of the 50mm lenses reversed in front of a macro lens, something I would have never tried with film), great fun though not something to do quickly.

While it's not as true as it once was, you can still find some really excellent quality manual lenses for a lot less than what equivalent modern lenses cost. My macro lens came from ebay and my A*300 came from another Pentax user. It was the best purchase I ever made, though it gave me a taste for top quality lenses and I've spent a lot more on modern lenses than I might have otherwise (not as willing to compromise when I saw the difference). But I've had an absolute blast taking pictures of all kinds, absolutely no regrets.
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I never liked split image rangefinders - they didn't work at all on some subjects, and tended to black out on one side with long lenses. Whenever possible I replaced them with plain ground glass.
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I think everyone answered your questions already. But, thought I'd mention you can always download the manual now and read through it before purchasing the camera. Go to http://www.pentaximaging.com/ under Support > Downloads and select the camera you want.

Welcome to the forum.

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Just another word about the manual focus lenses. My favorite lens lately is an old manual focus 70-210 Pentax lens. I found that the addition of a maginfying eyepiece made it much easier for these old eyes to focus manually.

And whichever camera you end up purchasing, sure do hope you enjoy it, and will show us some of your pictures too!
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I have found that live view is an invaluable aid when working with manual lenses. It almost negates the need for a split focus screen.

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Thank you all very much for your help. I have downloaded the manual and begun to read it, I will have probably read a few time before I've saved enough money for a K-x but save up I will, I will not be tempted by less expensive cameras
I have already begun to plan where I am going to go and what lenses to use when I get one and yes, I will show you how I get on with it
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Originally Posted by arrowhead View Post
Hi shoturtle, thanks for replying
The film SLR I have is a cheap Vivitar one, sorry I can't remember the model number. The lenses I have are not auto focus types and have apature rings on them so as I understand it I would have to put the K-x in manual mode and do everything manually except the shutter speed. I have a 50mm f1.7 Vivtar lens, a 28mm f2.8 Sigma, a 35-70mm f3.5 Cosina and a 70-210mm f4.5 Cosina. I know the two zooms aren't great lenses but my thinking is, buy the K-x with the 18-55mm kit lens and my lenses would give me lots to play with whilst I save up for some decent DSLR lenses.
Thanks for the info RE Eneloops being NiMH. How many shots do you get out of them?
Well we are at about 500 photos now, and they are only half way on the battery meter of my brothers k-x. They are still going. I think 900 is a safe bet.
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