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Default Kx Battery Report

I just finished shooting a set of rechargable batteries on my new Kx with the new firmware getting 1,154 shots with Rayovac 1.2v 2100 mAh. Batteries were fully conditioned with a MAHA MH-C801D battery charger before use. No video was shot, a few flash and a couple of Live View to try out the function. Shooting was "normal" (I didn't fire off hundreds of shots in a row to up the count) with review. The battery indicator stayed green to about 500, orange to 750 and went to 1,154 on red. Red, obviously, does not mean change the batteries. When the camera said your batteries are depleted, it meant it. I could not get one more shot after shutting down, taking them out and putting them back in. Your experience, however, could be different. I am going to try a set of expensive lithiums next. Frankly, I am very pleased with the number of shots.

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It's nice to see that the power hungry nature that has been reported early on is not necessarily true for the K-x. That could have been a dealbreaker for an otherwise outrageously good camera. I find it interesting that the battery meter is actually useful, and this gives me a good feeling about how this might migrate to other models. On all my bodies, the battery indicator is only really good for troubleshooting when my cameras stop working. . .

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That's great to know - maybe one of these days I'll justify buying one for myself, the last thing I need is another camera, but I sure want one. And to know that the Rayovacs didn't cause problems is very welcome news.
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