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Default K20D vs. K7

Sorry if this has been discussed already but looking at moving up to either the K20D or K7. Now that the K7 has been out, any suggestions on which would be a better pick? I've seen the K7 in action but not the K20D. Are they comparable (build, metering, color/settings quality, etc.)? I'm currently using the K2000 which isn't bad but definitely looking for better metering, live view option, etc. I know price wise the K20D is better but want to make sure this upgrade is worth the money. Thanks in advance!
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For many people the difference isn't much. They share the (more or less) same sensor and the color/sharpness etc. is very similar. The high ISO noise is different - the K20 has more chroma noise while the K-7 has less color noise, but more grain in the mid-tones. Both are built very well.

The K-7 meters properly with all my manual exposure lenses, while the K20 didn't - some apertures were overexposed and some lenses were worse than others.

The cameras feel differently because they are different sizes - some people will prefer one of the other. The K-7 is lighter, but I don't notice the weight as much as the size and shape. It took me a bit to get used to the K-7 but now that I have, I prefer it, though I really don't mind either one.

I love the interface with the K-7 now that I'm used to it. There's been times I've gone back to the K20 or K100 and thought how much I prefer the way the K-7 goes about changing things. Of course, before I got it I had no trouble with the K20, it's very useable and much more like the previous Pentax cameras - not sure I'd make a choice between cameras just based on the interface. And there are a couple of dedicated buttons on the K20 that I missed at first.

I'm not crazy about either one of their live view options - I don't use them much and haven't noticed a huge difference between them (the LCD is hard to see in bright sunlight on both cameras). The larger LCD on the K-7 is very welcome though.

Both cameras are consistent with metering with auto exposure cameras - my K20 consistently underexposes a third of a stop, so I leave it set for Ev +.3 most of the time. The K-7 seems to be more accurate at Ev 0, so I leave it that way.

The K-7 has a broader range for auto exposure bracketing so its nice for HDR sets (I use it a fair amount), and the in-camera HDR is fun to play with, as long as you have a tripod.

As I recall, when I first got the K-7 I thought the AF was noticeably faster. Not so sure it's more accurate (though I have to admit I've recently adjusted two of my lenses so that might have had more to do with it than the camera's AF capabilities). I do mostly landscape and macro so AF isn't high on my list of priorities.

You can't really go wrong with either camera as far as image quality, they are very similar. I'm not entirely sure the K-7 is worth the premium over the K20 unless you are going to be shooting video, lots of HDR, need the higher frames per second rate (it really is significantly faster) or prefer the handling and interface of the K-7.
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Thanks Mtngal! I used to do more landscape shots but have been getting into more modeling shoots. I like the K2000 but feel alittle stilted by its metering system. Also I've been looking online and am having a hard time finding the K20D. Most places have gone to selling the K7 I guess. The way I look at it is that I'll sell my K2000 body and keep the kit lenses and just purchase the K7 body to save alittle. I was comparing and I think I would spend about $200-250 more on the K7 than the K20D which isn't terrible. Still an investment! LOL Thanks for the great response.
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