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Default Just Got the K7. My God!

Ok, like a little kid in the candy store I waited all day anxiously to get my new toy ( thank god I had to sign for it....hate to have had it sitting on my porch!). UPS dropped it off this afternoon and all I can say is--unbelievable! I've upgraded from a ist DS to a K2000 to the K7 and there aren't enough words to explain how great this camera is. I haven't had a chance to play with it a whole lot of course but the first few shots I took were amazing. The handling is great, the interface-although different--is perfect, and the output is fantastic. Usually shooting at a low shutter speed I get very dark photos in low light with my Sigma lens at 2.8. Same shots with K7 blew me away at 1/10 shutter, 800 iso and no flash! Smooth and bright. And I'm even impressed with the built in flash. I kick myself for not waiting and buying this model instead of the K2000.

I purchased it at Abes of Maine which I was a little weary of due to mixed reviews but everything was as advertised. I bought the kit that came with another battery, 8 gb card, and cleaning kit. I can't say they're the best but the price was good for what I got. Here's the link:


So moral of the story is if you want to get into photography you should really invest in the right camera. The K2000 is great for the average photographer but I feel that Pentax has made huge steps with the K7. Thank you Mtngal for your opinion and info on both this and the K20D. I think I'm happy with the purchase even though my bank account hates me! LOL Best to you all!

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Congratulations....Now for the LBA to kick in...then your bank account will really hate you!! LOL
Big Dawg
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Congratulations Maverick!

Hey Ed... you trying to stir up trouble?

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Well done! I'm not surprised that you find the K-7 a big step up, it's really a very nice camera. You really couldn't go wrong with either camera, but the K-7 is SO nice...

P.S. One of the things that I always said, until I got the K-7, was that I wouldn't want to do without the top monitor. I used it a great deal with other cameras, but the more I use the K-7 and it's different interface and LCD options, the less I use the top monitor (though I do still use it). I now don't feel like it would be a big deal to buy a camera without one, as long as it uses the same interface.

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Thanks Guys!

Mtngal, I agree that I use the LCD screen to do the settings more than the top. I think it looks cool with the green light though! I like how the LCD is like a Iphone where it turns when you rotate the camera. Pretty cool. Again, leaps from the lower ends. Thanks again!
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Old Feb 1, 2010, 7:09 AM   #6
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Congratulations on your new purchase. Will look forward to seeing some of your great photography soon!
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Congratulations, Maverick. It's a wonderful camera. You'll have lots of fun getting used to all its ins and outs. I'm still learning on mine after several months.

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Old Feb 5, 2010, 9:06 PM   #8
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Congratulations, Maverick. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I'm still learning all the little things about my K20 after a year of having it. And, yes, LBA will kick in at some point. I am anxiously awaiting delivery of a Zenitar 16mm fisheye right now. I thought it might have been here today when I got home from work. But, maybe tomorrow.

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Old Feb 6, 2010, 6:29 AM   #9
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Gratz Maverick! Great choice, wonderful camera! Let's see some images. Two things I really love, the view finder, and auto white balance, both are best in class.
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