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Default The Day After

....the big snow fall that is. Here are a few pics from this morning. Taken with my new Kx and kit lens 18-55. The last pic is my driveway after the shoveling and blowing. The other houses are my neighbors.
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Love snow pictures, especially the kind that coats trees. But heavy, wet snow looks like lots of work. I sure wouldn't want to have to shovel your driveway on a regular basis! Is that an electric snowblower? How heavy is it? Could it be used safely on a dirt/gravel driveway? How heavy is it? Shoveling large amounts of snow wasn't a big deal when we first moved up here, but the difference between 40-something and 50-something is huge. Now I'm looking for possible alternatives to shovels.
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beautiful pix, the first one looks like a postcard!

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Very pretty.

I'm sorry to say this, but I'm glad it's you and not me.

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Mtngal, yes it is an electric snow blower. I dont know the brand name. Cost about $250 last year. It weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 pounds. Lighter than a small gass powered one. It can handle up to a foot of snow. I think the recomendation was 11 inches. A foot is about what you see in my drive. Compared to gas snoeblowers it is somewhat slow but it is FAR better than shoveling all of it. My drive is not as long as it looks in the pic. Its about 50 feet long.
Goldwinger, thanks for the compliment!
Patty , when it first starts getting to winter here in this part of ohio the colder temps (20 degrees F )are bone chilling, at least to me. But as winter wears on 20 is not too bad and 30 actually feels good. This is the most we have had at once this year. I hope it is the last time this year to have this much!

Again thanks all for the comments. Bock
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I hope it is the last time this year to have this much!
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the heavy soaker that just left the West coast is due to hit the rest of the country to the East in a couple of days, and there is another due here aboout the same time!

Nice pictures - snow looks great in photos, but I'm glad I don't have that problem - I'd worry about using an electric powered snow blower in a wet environment, no matter how well insulated the unit itself might be. Some people around here use electric pumps to get rid of excess rain water, but I can rely on gravity by siphoning with garden hoses because by yard is higher than the street - it is slower, but safer.
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I agree with the previous comments -- very nice pictures. I guess I'm going to be the odd one out, since I'm actually sorry the storm missed us. In my part of Vermont, we only have three or four inches of hard crusty snow. Our area would be much more beautiful (and much more photogenic) with a fresh deposit of snow. Our ski areas really need it, though most make artificial snow, so they are not as bare as the rest of the state. Sounds like this storm really crippled places like Washington DC and Baltimore, where they are not equipped to handle such large storms. Of course, in another 4-6 weeks, I'll be tired of winter, and I'll be desperate for some spring weather. I truly dislike snowstorms in late March and April.

Harriett, you are so right -- there is indeed a huge difference between 40-something and 50-something. That's why a few years ago I bought an 8 horsepower snowblower. What a difference it has made.
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Beautiful photos - nice capture of the wide range of tone, without losing the brightness of snow...
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i agree with "snow looks great in photos" i left it behind 40 years ago and cant say i miss it
the first pic looks very christmas cardish
i think i may step outside now and warm up lol
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Nice pictures!!


I also agree with your statement. So like MTNMAN about 5 years ago, I too bought a Nice 9HP Toro Snow blower.
I personally would stay away from a thrower for a dirt/stone driveway, since the thrower will pickup any loose material and throw it. could be dangerous!!
As to options you could put a Small plow on your jeep or what some folks do here is put a plow blade on their Lawn tractors. One guy down the road has a plow blade on his Quad.


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