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Default Pocket Wizard, Metz Flash

Hi All,

After getting out of the never ending LBA, my interests have changed to Flash photography and bought a new Metz 58 AF-1, for my Pentax K10D and I'm loving it. But only after buying the pocket wizards I realized that neither the camera nor the flash has a pc sync.

After some search I figured out that (read still not sure), I can use a pc sync hot shoe adapter to connect the pocket wizards to the camera and use the flash off camera.

With that said, I have some questions:
- Am I going in the right direction?
- What are the other ways of syncing with pocket wizards, which will allow me to use the flash off camera.

PS- Posted the same thread in the ext. flash section, but I have got tons of information and suggestions from fellow pentaxians, which helped me getting into the Pentax system. So I'm posting the same thing here.

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Which PocketWizards are you trying to use? If you're using the Plus IIs, you can slide one of the transceivers onto the hotshoe of the K10D to trigger the remote unit(s). If you're using one of the older PW that don't have a shoe mount, then you will need a hotshoe-to-PC sync adapter. For the 58 AF-1, you'll need to get a PC-to-hotshoe adapter to connect the remote PW to the flash.

An alternative would be to get a different system that has hotshoe mount on the receiver unit. I currently use FlashWaves. They're much cheaper than PW, and are quite good in terms of range. If you get strobes or flashes with PC-sync ports, you can also use this trigger; you can even trigger multiple flashes with just one receiver. They're currently sold through Amazon: http://bit.ly/bDq1Go

Prior to this, I used triggers purchased on eBay from a company called Yongnuo. They're cheap triggers with hotshoe mounts on the receivers. But, in my opinion, you get what you pay for. I've had sync issues with these triggers and Pentax flashes. With the FlashWaves, I can sync all the way to 1/180s with no problems.

- Jason
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Thanks a ton Jason, really appreciate it. I put the same question in different forums, but never had reply. Even I gave a very serious thought about flash waves, but could'nt find many selling it and thought it would be a problem if I want to more receivers in the future. Just ordered the hot shoe pc sync adapter...can't wait to use these......

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This flash can be used wirelessly, correct? For almost all purposes, you are better off this way than using sync cords. For off-camera use, you can also use the flash hotshoe extension. Both methods allow p-ttl exposure metering. As I recall, using with sync cord requires manual exposure settings and manual flash setup. seems more complicated than necessary. What application do you have that needs this setup? Just curious.

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