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Default Used Pentax

Ok, Money is tight, but I have been wanting a dslr to upgrade from my Fuji S5200 Bridge.
So been watching DSLR's on eBay, and used ist seem to be going for an affordable price (to me).

So what are anyone's thoughts on going this route right now?
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used camera bodies are always a bit of a risk. You don't know how much the body was used or how well it was treated or even if it has QC issues. My suggestion is to look at refurbs or sales from reputable vendors like KEH, adorama or B&H that sell used gear. You'll pay a little more than you would if buying from an individual directly but at least you've got a bit more piece of mind.
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i 100% agree with John, you can find some great deals on refurbs right now. there were a few kits linked in another post recently, XS's, D3000s, and i think A230's going for around 350-400$.

and they are all quite a bit better than the older *st series. if you like Pentax, you can most likely find a refurbed k2000 for around that same price of 350-400$ though i have not specifically looked.
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The *ist series were good cameras, but they are getting long in the tooth. Which model are you looking at - there's more than one and they had different features. My old DS was sold several years ago, passed on to someone else and was still working perfectly when it was stolen last spring so they can be good buys. But it had been lightly used by all of it's owners. If you want to get one of the 6 mp cameras (a sensor I happen to really like), I think you'd do better with a K100 (newer and adds SR). And I agree that buying a refurb or used from a store with a warranty/return policy is a better idea, if you don't know the previous owner of the camera.
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I have seen some Pentax factory referbs on the best buy web site

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The K100D, K110D and K100D Super are the best bets in 6Mp models. My wife has a K100D Super and it has the shake reduction, the dust removal and support for SDM lenses. Except for live view and video it has all of the modern Pentax functions with the very nice 6Mp sensor. These are often available refurbished and even new old stock. A highly recommended model.
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I never used any of the *ist series, so i can't comment on that line. But I completely agree that the K100 and the K100 Super are great cameras. I had a K100 for several years, used it hard, and was very happy with it. Eventually, I upgraded to the K20, and found I wasn't using the K100, so now it has a new home. But I can't say enough good things about that line.
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I have a K20D and kept my istDS for backup and travelling light. The istDS has a penta prism and bright viewfinder which some later models don't have. An important feature I think. What I miss most compared to the K20D:
1 small lcd screen, but I can live with that.
2 shake reduction
3 shutter release smooth and quiet on K20D
If we are backpacking, the istDS is packed and the K20D stays safely at home.
Would I sell the istDS. No way.
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I bought a used *istd from an individual on ebay,and had no problems with the camera or accessories. I asked a few questions first, and satisfied myself that the seller was a serious photographer who had taken care of the equipment. It is difficult to be certain, though. There are several places, such as KEH.com, which specialize in used gear, and Adorama and B&H Photo Video both have used departments, and are very trustworthy. The original *ist D, which I have is a real tank. The features are unmatched until recently, with the K20D (IMO). If you aren't concerned about stabilization, and megapixels, you can't beat it.

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Originally Posted by VTphotog View Post
I bought a used *istd from an individual on ebay,and had no problems with the camera or accessories... Brian
Hi Brian,

I have thought about buying my camera off e-bay... just never done that before. So, you are saying you had no problems... do they ship it well... I dread the thought of ordering something and it comes broken... I presume you made quite a good savings buying off e-bay, is that correct.

Thanks and all the best.

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