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#1 is a nice black and white.

but for me #2 is just interesting and amusing. the absurdity of the guy laying there sunbathing while two people read on the ledge is great. i like the angle you chose to shoot it at, it places your subjects in good places in the scene.
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Originally Posted by Keltech View Post
I have found that a long lens and distance between the subject and yourself makes street shooting easier. Most of the time the subject is unaware a picture has been taken.

I have found quite the opposite. I use lenses from 10-28mm, usually short small primes. Get up and personal.
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GW - yes, that's a mercy flight landing on the medical center. I'm still amazed about how they can land on a roof that far up. The medical center is new - the old one had the heliport on the roof of a 2 story building. This heliport is on the top of a much taller building (forgot to look up just how many stories it really is, it's something like 7 or 8 floors above ground).

Dustin - I actually didn't plan that angle on #2, the ground slopes up from where I was standing, so it naturally gave a lower viewpoint. I wish I HAD considered that - it does make the picture much stronger than it otherwise would have been if the ground had been level and I had been shooting down. I really need to think about that when I'm out wandering around, rather than just spying 3 people who look incongruous (sweater, scrubs, shorts) and snapping the shutter.

Javier - The books I've read about shooting street scenes all recommend your method - use a short lens, the smaller the better (less intimidating) and talk to your subject, by interacting you get better pictures. I'm horribly shy, have a tough time talking to anyone, so I use a long lens for the most part. I have swapped my 50-135 or 200 prime for the DA 55-300 - it looks far less intimidating and I get fewer people asking me if I'm a pro.

Lou - Explaining how I did it takes longer than actually doing it. What I did was really pretty simple but it's easier to show someone how to do something in CS4 than to use words to explain it, especially if you aren't familiar with the program/procedures.
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