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Default Ot ....................

sorry, been in the forr2 weeks.
curahtly i can arrord s 4040 - 47000 D tv
whith type is best??????

LCD, LD, or Plasma.
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Wow Roy - tvs, that IS off topic. Not sure I understand what "4040 - 47000 D tv" means though.

For what it's worth I just bought a panasonic plasma (65").

In general plasma has a more realistic image while LCD or LED have more pop (but look more artificial).

Plasmas generally provide better off-center viewing angles than LCDs. BUT plasmas are a bit dimmer and show more reflection so if it's in a room with a lot of light and windows plasma is a poor choice.

Plasmas used to have a big edge in black levels (how deep and dark the dark parts of image are) but lcd and led have closed the gap.

LEDs are nice but one issue is the 'flashlight' effect with side-lit LEDs. You'll see (once you know they're there) cones of lighter picture coming from the side like a flashlight. It's not super obvious or anything.

The other edge plasma used to have is with motion - lcds used to be 60hz refresh (compared to 600 for plasma) which looked horrible when watching sports but the 120 or 240 they're at now look almost as good.

One thing I would strongly recommend - if your area has a best buy magnolia section or an actual AV store with viewing rooms - go there to look at sets. Sets in normal storefronts are set to what's called Torch mode - super bright to combat the bright store lights. The tvs won't look the same in your viewing area.

Hope that's somewhat helpful.
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I think the next TV I buy will probably be an LCD. I have a Samsung DLP that I really like and I'm not going to be replacing it, I'll be replacing a much older rear projection TV. The reflection issue is big where I want to put it, and I've always been a bit nervous about the possibility of burn-in with letterboxing - it's probably not the big issue I've made it up to be in my mind.
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Reflection DEFINITELY is an issue with plasma. Burn in isn't. I replaced a 2 1/2 year old Pany plasma and I'm a BIG movie watcher. Never had a burn in problem with the black bars. But by the same token I wasn't watching 8 hours in a row of letterbox content. A movie maybe twice a week with HDTV the rest of the time. But reflection is very real - as is the off-angle viewing issue of LCD. My tv is in a great room and off to the one side is the kitchen where people like to watch from as well - an lcd would do very poorly in that situation. I don't know how LEDs do with off-angle.

By the way - I'll plug my positive experience - I bought my TV from 6th Ave Electronics. GREAT customer service. And I ordered the TV on Feb 1 and freight delivered in on that Friday. The shipping company they used was great too. Extremely happy with the whole buying experience with them.
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John G- I believe that Roy is referring to "40-47" Screen Size.


I also bought a Panasonic Plasma 42". And I agree with John G about the glare issue. My living Room has a Bow window. When the sun s blasting thru the window it can be hard to see. So we end up closing our drapes.
Having said that i love my Plasma,and I would not hesitate to purchase another.


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I also have plasma, a 42" Samsung, because we primarily watch movies. The wide view angle is a big plus but the reflections can be an issue at times. It also is very easy to keep clean since it does not attract dust and has a rigid front surface. Plasma is not as energy efficient as LCD however. As for burn in, I would be careful of images which stay on the screen all the time, like some games, "tickers" or computers.
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