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Take care my friend. Its funny how time creeps up on us.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Originally Posted by Trojansoc View Post
I was once amazed at how much medicine he had to take.

One more time I follow in his foot steps.

Or perhaps ...the doctors were trained at the same school...

It seems, that we need to take meds for the ailment, and then meds for the side effects of the first med. And another for the side effect of the second med...and so on...
I know many of us simply don't have a choice, and gotta do what we gotta do to keep body and soul together. But sometimes I wonder...

Keep healthy and glad you are on the mend...enjoy each and every day

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Hi Paul,

I'd need a wider angle lens to take a group shot of my meds. . . -- but as one who was formerly dead for over 25 minutes over 16 years ago from a freak massive heart attack, I can't have many complaints, except for the "donut hole" that Lou mentioned -- and luckily that hasn't kicked in except for last year in the last month. . .

Sounds like you were able to get treatment for the problem before it caused any permanent damage, so it's a good thing. Congrats on a successful procedure. . .Cardiologists might consider it pretty routine, but if it's happening to you, it's gotta be a bit scary (I wouldn't know -- I was unconscious when they did my angioplasty, and for over a day after).

My only bit of advice is probably one your Drs haven't thought of -- keep up with your photography! It's a great stress reliever and very rewarding. . .

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Quote ... I now have to take, a full shelf ...
Hi Paul,
I know that scenario well, many times I stand in front of the medicine cabinet thinking ... just which of these meds do I take right now maybe I should get a pill organiser too.
Glad your ops went well, that's something I haven't experienced yet, thankfully, hope you continue to make good progress. ... Jack
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So Sorry to hear about your Heart Issue. I am glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery.
I know what you mean about the pills. 4 years ago i was rushed to the ER with a severe case Of Atrial fibulation. Heart rate over 300BPM. Anyway PA comes in the room and asks what meds i am on and i tell her none!! She gives me the weirdest look like " Nothing at your Age"( At the Time 51).
Now, i am on many different ones for not only my heart. Also Asthma, Gerd, Blood pressure. Not quite a Shelf Full but, I have to keep them all in a large Plastic case.
I So far have resisted the Organizer and for the most part remember to take all my Meds.

Anyway take care


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Thanks to all for the kind comments. I am feeling perhaps the best I have in several years and this weekend was able to get out and walk a distance I've only dreamed about for the past several months. The only bad news was the the lighting and birds didn't cooperate for any good photos.

I learned the meaning of the "donut hole" a couple of years ago when my wife became eligible for Medicare after retiring on disability. I couldn't wait to drop her from my health plan and see a big raise, but we got slapped in the face with the "donut hole" that would have meant about $ 7K a year out-of-pocket drug expenses (She has to take a $ 2200/month injectable.)

Thanks again to all for the best wishes. I could have probably gone back to school today, but decided I wanted to take a couple of days to kick back and chill out before heading back into it. Take care all.

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Just finished looking at the movie "Dad", based on the William Wharton novel with Jack Lemon and Ted Danson doing the main characters. No comparison between Jack Lemon's old man and you Paul, but the message from the film is quite clear. Live while you're here, and let's take care of each other. And take care of yourself.

Take care! And ... take photos!

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