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Default I Am Become My Father

In one of my favorite Bill Cosby sketches, Cosby tells of getting up from a chair, hearing a strange noise, thinking about it a minute and realizing. "That's my father's noise!" It was then he realized he was no longer young, when he began making his father's noises.

I've been making my father's noises for a number of years, but this week I crossed another frontier into the world of age...having to take so many different pills that you use one of those little plastic organizers simply because you can't remember them all if you don't.

I got out of the hospital yesterday after having three stents installed, one in the heart and two in the legs. Everything went very well, and I feel the best I have in years, but when I got home and took stock of the medicine I now have to take, a full shelf was the result. My first thought was of my father and how I was once amazed at how much medicine he had to take.

One more time I follow in his foot steps.

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Glad to hear things went well. Quite the apothecary you have going there!
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Paul, sorry to hear of your illness but glad you are on the mend.

That is one picture I never want to take. At my age it would be a fast trip to the Medicare doughnut hole.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Yikes! That is alot of meds. Glad to hear things went well and you're feeling better.
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Looks familiar - my other half had that done a couple of years ago. 3 stents in his heart, he had the surgery on Thursday, and was back at work on Monday (his job involves sitting behind a desk). Couldn't believe it at all. And yes, he still has a shelf full of various meds - many of them the same as yours. It's worth it.
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So glad all the surgery was successful, and that we live in an age when medicines are available! Take good care of yourself!
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Oi, Paul! Hope you are on the mend soon. All the best.

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I am glad you a feeling much better! You will be in our thoughts!

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Paul, very sorry that you needed the procedure, but very glad it went so well. Keep your spirits up.
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Two messages of part of my "family" being in the hospital. Not good.

Paul, I'm sorry to hear you had to go through that, but having seen how it's improved my dad's life, know how it helps. You will also be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care,

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