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Default Ready to try Raw.

Hi all. I have a wonderful K7, and just love it! I have never shot in raw, and would like to try. I also have Aperture 2.0 which I intend to upgrade to 3.0. Can you give me any pointers on how to start doing this. It all seems quite complicated to me. I'm pretty well versed with Aperture's adjustments, but as I said know nothing about raw.
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The first step is setting the camera to raw. Press the menu button, then set the file format to RAW. I'd recommend you also set the RAW file format to DNG for maximum compatibility, as I'm not sure Apple's RAW engine supports the K-7 PEF yet.

From there, it's a matter of editing your photo in Aperture. You should note that the initial imported image will look nothing like the JPEG preview that shows in-camera, as image processing settings aren't applied to RAW files; you would have to process the image in Aperture to achieve the same look.

But the advantage of RAW is that you have that flexibility to re-process your image. The things that a RAW file will give you the ability to adjust is the white balance and exposure if you didn't get the original shot correct.

- Jason
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The only thing I might add to what Jason mentioned is that if you are just playing around with it, take pictures in raw plus jpg. Then when you look at them in aperture you can see the difference between what them - what Aperture makes of the raw file and what the camera did to them when it made the jpg. You'll see the influence of the various settings that you can make using jpg.

As far as editing them - you will do the same things to the raw file as you do to the jpg. There's nothing mysterious with raw files at all, once you are in Aperture. You'll have far more latitude to make changes and you might find yourself making different choices than you would with the jpg file, but the process/how you go about doing things will be the same pretty much in Aperture. I find myself not paying any attention to the file format when I'm using Lightroom, I just take each picture as it is and do whatever I want to do based on that individual picture.

Just have fun with it!
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