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You all are just too much! I love your pictures, Kjell, including the one solving your mailbox problem. I'm lucky - my mailbox is at the entrance of the subdivison and in a bank. The homeowners association's road person plows out around them. On the other hand, that same person leaves big berms in my driveway - most annoying if I've already been out to shovel, trying to keep up with some of our big snowfalls. And the roof is not a problem, our weather usually warms up above freezing soon after a big snow-fall, or at least the clouds go and being as high as we are, the sun melts the snow quickly.
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Originally Posted by bilybianca View Post
Thanks all for the nice comments!

Problem yet to be solved. There are building codes, but as I don't want to trouble the authorities and inspectors with my construction and renovation activities I rely on my personal judgement and common sense. I think I normally overdimension things, but more snow is on it's way so I might be forced to go up and do some shovelling.

Kjell, wow, that mail box is a lot bigger than it appeared in the first photo.

I live in Buffalo, NY, so I have a fair amount of experience with winter "wonderlands".

A few lessons learned along the way.
1. When shoveling off your roof, start at the peak and work your way down. Your footing in deep snow is better than on a shoveled icy slope. The first time I shoveled my roof I did things in the wrong order and became stranded in sub-zero temps until one of my sons came out to assist with a ladder.

2. Don't count on your sons to get you out of trouble.

3. Wait until the plows have done the street before shoveling your driveway, otherwise you will be doing a portion of it twice.

4. If you don't own a snow-blower, be nice to your neighbors that do.

5. Don't insist on the right-of-way at icy intersections.

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Kjell, you guys look like you have as much snow as we do... Try to stay warm. It was too cold to go outside... My wife and I skipped our Russian class, just too cold... then I look at these pictures... Anyway, you better take Goldwinger's advice...

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do you want to swap a bit of weather
we are having the exact opposite
i am afraid of setting fire to what was a front lawn

the photo with the bridge is a beauty and well worth the snow, from this distance at least
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