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Here's #3 again. This time I got rid of the truck on the right, which was as easy as I had expected - the other picture I took of the scene without people or traffic did line up perfectly. However, I ran into some problems with the people - the b&w presets in CS4 darken or lighten various colors when they do the conversion (it's fun to play with them). The problem with this is that by using the high contrast blue, it lightens blues and darkens reds. That works great for the sky, but the hair and the girl's jacket had enough blue color that they were lightened - the guy's head blended into the buildings beyond. So I ended up doing a separate layer with a different b&w settings, copied the head of the guy and the girl and put those versions of them over this layer.

Also using the high contrast blue preset makes the picture pretty dark and I have to use levels and curves to lighten the highlights, which introduces more noise in the sky. It works nicely with the buildings - gives them the feel of the stucco. So I did another layer, ran a noise reduction program on it and then used a layer mask to expose the sky on that layer, leaving the rest of the picture alone. I think it worked well.

Hards - I just can't do that over-the-top type of pp and pull it off. Perhaps it's because of my own personal taste - I've seen other people's pictures done in that type of style and they can get it to work. My initial reaction to Topaz Lab's Adjust is that it's probably not for me - I can't quite get what I want with it. I'll keep playing with it, but I have doubts. As far as the over-exposure - that's one of the frustrations I'm having with using the P72 filter - I read that one should go by the histogram rather than what the picture looks like in the viewfinder. So I've been doing the regular "expose to the right" without blowing out the highlights, but they seem to always look over-exposed when I do the conversion. I'm going to try for a more middle exposure in next time and see if I can get something better.

Sorry, GW - the alley shot stays as it is.

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i like the edit Mtngal. i prefer the smoothness to this shot to the harsh feel of your first version.

re: Topaz Adjust. I have also tried it, and it really wasn't for me either. I found that the extreme adjustments it did were over the top for me, or at least were over the top for the types of shots i shoot. and when used just for basic things, it was no better than me just doing it in CS4.

also, i dont really think this one, or you first pic from the original set are overexposed, at least not overexposed for an IR shot.
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I like the reedit - it is much closer to the first one in tone.
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Originally Posted by penolta View Post
I like the reedit - it is much closer to the first one in tone.
I do, too! Great work Harriet.

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I agree! This revised version is excellent!
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I'll be odd man out here and declare I really like the first version. It reminds me of the painting 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' (can't recall artist offhand, though). Definitely has that 'feel' to it. I know, different subject matter, day vs. night, but that is what it brings to mind.

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