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Thanks Scott and Lou...yes, I'm getting many calls for weathering and graffitti based on my images! It sure would add realism to the layout. I need to browse the internet to see if anyone sells pre-weathered rolling stock. It would for sure solve my lack of talent in this area!

Thanks for your encouraging comments...my RR has been somewhat dormant for a while and everyone's feedback is getting me motivated to press on with the many details that are left.

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What wonderful shots I really like them! Your set is very nice, and the pictures are wonderful.
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Why not just use a paint program to make the modifications on the images - if you mess up the actual rolling stock with graffiti, you will decrease their value as collectibles in the future. I like your pictures, even though I wasn't taken in by them!
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Nice pics Jelpee. I don't know anything about model RRs, but it's very obvious that a lot of time and effort went into that setup.
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thats pretty cool
I went to a model expo last year
and was amazed at what the modellers would do to make the models look more realistic, adding rust, dirt, dents, matte paint and some very fine brush work
see if any of these inspire you
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Oi, Gumnut, neat link!!! I can't begin to tell you which one I like most, I have to say I was really amazed of the old truck, with windscreen broken... Absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing that link!

Jehah, lots of ideas there. Amazing.

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Originally Posted by jelpee View Post
Thanks GW. Re the grafitti, that's where I'm devoid of talent...but I know exactly what you mean. I would also love to have my locomotives "weathered" to look faded, dusty with grease and grime to go with it. Hard to do when you spend over $100 for a locomotive and then decide to make it look old and worn! It adds significantly to the realism.

yep, you just need to make friends with an air brush artist and you got it made!

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