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I should have gone down south, but it's really too far for a day trip for me. I did drive by the Antelope Poppy Reserve on my wanderings Saturday. There was lots of yellow flowers covering the hills (real hills there), but not enough to pay the entry fee for. I'll try to "arrange" to be driving that part of the road home Sunday and perhaps drive by. I might try to work at least a day trip to Death Valley this spring - it sounds like April will be the month for their flowers.

I did stop at the Ridley State Park (think that's what its called), which is near the poppy reserve. The Joshua trees were blooming and that's always interesting. I haven't quite figured out how to take good pictures of them yet, though - they are such odd plants. There's no fee for wandering around it.

Also, there's more and more yellow flowers on the Gorman Hills today.

Tachikoma - I love your slow worms - so they are lizards? I never would have guessed. We have so many different types of reptiles around - I see desert type lizards all the time. Usually they are way too fast for me to photograph though. I can't think when I've seen any snake other than a rattler when I've been out hiking. They are out there, I just never spot them.
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Yeah they are a legless lizard, beautiful little things, you can pick them up and hold them and they are pretty tame (not that you should, but people do)

Would love to see an adder (from a safe distance) I think they are gorgeous.
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