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Default Torn between Lowepro 200AW & Kata 216XL

Having to be mobile most of the time with the K10D body along with my three frequently used lens; Sigma 17-70, Sigma 10-20, Pentax 55-300 and Metz 58AF flash unit and adaptors, etc.(and two kids!!) I thought a sling bag would be best for me, you know, to be able to access the camera without much hassle I'm practicing with my present shoulder bag!
So I narrowed my search on these two models:



I'd be pleased to know your opinions and any other alternatives you can offer. Thank you in advance : )
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I have the Lowepro Slingshot 200 and like it very much. I've heard some larger guys who don't think it's very comfortable, but its fine for my small frame.

You might also look at Kata's 3N1 series bags - the 3N1-20 is comparable to the Slingshot 200. The advantage to the 3N1 series is that they can be configured either as a backpack or as a sling bag, and can use either shoulder, while the Slingshot can only be worn on the right shoulder (swing the bag onto the left side).
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Hi bahadir,

I don't have any experience with either bag -- there are so many to choose from now -- but I did go bag shopping a few months ago, and ended up with a Kata 3n1-20. The "20" is larger than you need, but I shoot mostly tele, so I needed the larger size. I do not use it with the 300/2.8s if anyone is curious. . ., but the new Sigma 180 Macro, Tokina 80-200/2.8 AF or the FA*300/4.5 wil fit crosswise in the "20", but just barely when fitted to the K-7 (with the hood reversed). I figure that if I need to use any of these very quickly, I'd just shoot with the hood reversed anyway -- if I have an extra few seconds, I'd attach the hood.

Their 3n1-10 would probably meet your needs. I chose the Kata because it really seems to be well thought out and well-made. The strap system allows you to choose between slinging the bag over either shoulder with exactly the same bag access and has a waist belt for extra comfort/stability. It also allows use as a backpack as an alternate way to carry. The unused straps tuck into their own compartments (as do any extra lengths of strap after adjustment), so they're completely out of the way when you choose to not use them. It's missing the "thermo" shield of the Kata bag you mentioned, but I think that the normal padding would be more than adequate for everything but very long exposures to very extreme weather. the 3n1-10 also has a removable rain cover (I bellieve this is a feature of all their bags).

I think the 3n1-10 seems to be a bit larger than the T-16, but I always find a bit of extra carrying capacity a bonus -- to carry some snacks or, in my case, TCs, flash modifiers, my wallet, Ipod and speaker (for bird songs), tools, maybe a light poncho, and such.

The 3n1 is also cheaper, at @ $100 at most dealers (at least in the US).


Edit: Somehow I suspected Harriet would post something while I was typing
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I'm going with the 3in1-30 myself.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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I also went shopping for a new bag in December/09. I was looking at Lowepro originally, but the clerk suggested I also look at Kata. As a result I chose the Kata 3N1 20. I can carry my K10D with battery grip attached and 55-300, with my 10-17 Fish Eye and 50 mm F2.8 Macro in adjoining lens cubbyholes. In addition I had my Pentax KM (K2000) with 50 mm F 1.4 attached in the upper chamber. I added some foam there as it is a larger open space up top.

I like the Kata...mine has a bright yellow interior and I find the bright colour very useful for quickly seeing small things like black lens caps that maybe loose. The bright colour provides a sharp contrast to my mostly black camera accessories...much easier to find stuff, then against black or grey padding.

I do have two LowePros..a Nova 4 AW and a 170 AW. The 170's stitching is coming loose (less then a year old , I'm not impressed) and is really too small except for my KM and a smaller lens attached...got it for a daily carry around. It's fine for that purpose.

I like my bigger Nova 4 AW...good bag, robust.

I think both Lowepro and Kata are close competitors...the Lowepro has an easier rain proof cover...which pulls out from the case...the Kata has a separate water resistant bag...loose in the camera....but I use it as additional padding in the bag.

Take all your equipment down to the shop and try it out...that's what I did. Good luck..both LP and Kata make good bags.
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@ Harriet
@ Scott
@ Goldwinger
@ Lesmore

Thank you so much for letting me know about your opion. Now, I'm also considering 3N-1 20 and 3N-1 10, even more than the Kata 216 XL. Perhaps the latter (3N-1 10) would be enough for my equipment I enlisted above (K10D+17-70+55-300+10-20+ Metz 58 flash gun)? The problem is that there's no shop in my town having the bags above (except for the Lowepro models) for comparison.
Thank you once again : )

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