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Default Some squirrel shots

While walking through the woods today 5 squirrels joined me. Had my K7, but only had my 18-55 Da Lens. This is what I got. This is also my very first attempt at raw images. I'm having a hard time with the white balance. it's so subjective. How do you know when you have it right? These were also all shot at 1000 iso. Just wanted to see the noise difference between JPG, and Raw.
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Wow! Tony, I'm super impressed.
The first one is better than some of mine with shot at 300mm ISO 100!
Yes, white balance is kind of subjective, I go for what looks most natural to me
and let it go at that. your shots look very true to me.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...

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The white balance looks fine to me on this monitor. Nice captures. The last one looks like it's hopping off the tree trunk.

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These are nice shots - your squirrels must be as tame as some of the ones around the botanical gardens.

There are a couple of ways of handling white balance. I recommend getting a monitor calibrator of some sort (I had a Huey but it didn't work right on either one of the laptops I had. I'm now using a Spyder 3 because it can handle multiple monitors and does very well with my laptop, which is way off for color naturally). One is to play with it until it looks good to you. Another way is to not mess with it at all and trust that the camera did it right - if you aren't going to be in changing light conditions, that's as easy as setting a custom white balance and using it through the whole shoot. There's some other ways of dealing with it, depending on what type of software you are using. For Lightroom you can shoot all of your pictures at a specified white balance - NOT auto. Use daylight if outside. Shoot a grey card or a white piece of paper as your first picture. Then import all of the shots into Lightroom. Use LR's tool for setting a custom white balance using the grey card or white paper picture for adjustment, then sync all of the pictures you took to that adjusted white balance. That way you don't have to adjust it yourself (I'm not good at trying to do it by eye).
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nice detail in the squirrels
you must have been pretty close ??
the white balance looks ok to me
i will sometimes do an auto levels to see what the photos look like
if its an improvement then i aim to make my adjustments match it
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Old Apr 2, 2010, 6:40 AM   #6
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Thanks everyone. I used Aperture 3 to do the conversion from raw. I really don't see why people are making such a big deal about the high ISO performance of the K7. Thaws were all shot at 1000, and the shadow area's look fine to me.
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1000 ISO? wow, and these are jpegs? Either Aperture 3 blows away my CS4 for conversions or you're wicked with the k7/lighting conditions/pp.

These are tremendous, Love the detail. Puts my creature shots to shame
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Hi Tony,

Some amazing captures with the kit. I usually can't get shots anywhere near this close to squirrels, and I'm usually shooting at 6-10x the focal length (maybe I'm just not "nuts" enough )

Very nice work!


BTW, I also think that the complaints about the K-7 sensor's noise has been a bit overblown. You'd think from some of the comments that anything over 400 is just junk -- From the start, I've been very satisfied up to 1250, and I shoot jpegs over 99% of the time.

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Ya, was funny I just kept making this little sound with my mouth, and it was enough to keep them interested till a snapped the shutter. I was able to use the kit at 55mm though, that helped. I thing Aperture 3does a pretty good job converting from raw. I started off with the built in presets, then would tweak from there. I am really happy with the 18-55da, an the 55-300mm da lenses. Both yield excellent results for the money.
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Some great photos! Shows how well the kit lens does, with some talented hands behind it. Amazing how close you could get to your "furry friend!" Really nice pose in #3.
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