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Just to let all the newbies know, you can always post an image and then change it during the month if you find something that you like better. Just either swap it out in your original post or delete the original post and repost a new one.

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There's actually a reason why I made the comment about the egret looking a bit dark. About a year or so ago someone posted a really outstanding picture but it was underexposed and so the colors were dull. I didn't say anything at the time and when it came time to vote, I ended up voting for something else. I felt really guilty because if I had just said something (the underexposure would have been simple to correct) in the beginning, the corrected picture would have been far and away my choice that month. So now I don't hesitate to offer a little suggestion at the time the picture is posted - I'd rather see a really good shot re-submitted than to pass over a picture that SHOULD win, just because of something that could be easily corrected.
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Mole's "in motion" shot works. Nice effect.
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Here is my "In Motion." The drive back from Phoenix, AZ.
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That's a highly original shot. I like it.
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Old Apr 25, 2010, 9:48 PM   #36
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Hi all,
not the best sample, but thought I'de send it in. The shot was taken on a fairly yukky day, grey dark & drizzly.

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Old Apr 25, 2010, 10:01 PM   #37
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Even though I liked my goose landing shoot, throughout the month, I've been trying to find a shot that truly showed motion in relation to the rest of the frame. Today, I shot a hundred year old carousel at the Little Rock Zoo. (I promise you they weren't spinning the children at the speed it might look.)

To sort of get the effect I wanted, I was using the Bigma at 73mm on the K-7. Manual mode was used for exposure with f/stop choked down to f/29.0 with a shutter speed of 1/5sec. ISO was 125. Post-processing consisted of painting the white elements in the foreground with a black brush at 6% opacity, adjusting lighting with the shadows/highlights controls in CS4, then final levels/sharpness tweaking.

It's not the best photo I've ever taken, by any means, but I think it fits the spirit of the challenge more in that it forced me to stretch to something new, instead of simply posting something I've done many times before (the goose landing shot).

So, this is my entry for the Motion challenge. Goose is pulled down.

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Old Apr 28, 2010, 3:04 PM   #38
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OK first time I've entered one of these (in fact any photo comp) and I know I've left it late !

However after thinking about the subject "In Motion" and how to interpret it I decided on a collage of traffic from the Shanghai suburbs. In particular the 'cycle lane' (you can see this is not strictly adhered to) ! If nothing else I had fun taking these and got many smiles for my efforts ! Taken with K7 and 43 Ltd / Pentax 18-125 / Tamron 90 di over 2 days.

Obviously the original is a huge file (130MB) so I hope it reduces OK !
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Old Apr 28, 2010, 4:36 PM   #39
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Replaced my earlier one with a more conventional image of an Allen's Hummingbird:

Name:  IMGP0274r2.jpg
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Greetings from OZ.

This is my picture for this months challenge. It was taken at Bondi
Beach in Sydney. Having only a small travel notebook with an
uncalibrated monitor I am having a hard time seeing the image properly
but wanted to get something in.

It was taken with the 80-400 hand held. I have not seen any of the images entered this month and only was able to get online once and post a quick reply to Rodney's post.

I have taken over 2000 photos so far and I will be stuck with my head
in Photoshop for months when I get home. The trip so far is fabulous!
Australia Rocks!!! Off to NZ tomorow.

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