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Default Good bye old friend

This is the last photo taken by my K10D yesterday. I had it mounted on a tripod with the legs folded and using it as a mono-pod when I made a misstep and fell down the steps here. The K10D went flying and bounced waist high and rolled and bounced several times. The 18-55mm kit lens took most of the shock to it on the lens shade and is fine. The K10D seems in good physical condition with no scratches or dings but now it keeps saying the memory card is locked and then gives me a memory error no matter what card I put in it.....soooo...Lil Dawg feels soo bad about the whole thing and told me to buy another...K7... where are you? Looks like I get to upgrade a little sooner than I had planned on....Shucks....I keep telling her I can get by with out a camera (Kinda like brer rabbit telling the fox to please don't throw him into the briar patch)!!!! LOL Oh well the K10D had way over 100,000 photos taken with it so maybe it was time anyway.
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Big Dawg

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Oh, no! That is always my worry as I can be quite the klutz. I hope you weren't hurt.

But, you certainly can't say you didn't get your mileage out of it. Some nice scenery in that last image.

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Whether or not it was its time or not, the last photo was pretty fitting....

The K20s are pretty inexpensive now, and the K7's price is starting to break. So, maybe you might be able to find a tremendous deal....
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Pretty photo - I woke up to about three inches of snow this AM. Hope you weren't hurt when you fell.
Just as a possibility - the internals of the camera, I think, are connected by plug in cables, and it could be that the shock caused one or more of them to loosen up. If you feel up to taking some tiny screws out, you may be able to get enough access to find the problem.

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Have fun looking for that new toy, you got lots of great shots with your K10D

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Ed, I am sorry to hear what happened. (Beautiful and well-composed photo, by the way). Well, my K7 is on the way... Sounds like you're getting one too. Things work out. I was just thinking the things were quiet in "The Bigdawg dugout", was wondering when you were going to upload some more photos. Do take care and all the best.

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Thanks one and all. I had around 80,000 photos on it when I sent it in for repairs a year and a half back. Got over 54,000 on it since then. Been a good un.
Big Dawg
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You will absolutely love the K7. Mine has been simply a joy to use! Good luck with the new camera.
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Just be thankful that you are OK, it's easy (ish) to get another camera, not so easy to get another Big Dawg.........

Sure you are going to enjoy getting a new camera too
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Well as they say...equipment can always be replaced...people can't.

Good that you're ok.

My K10D so far...touch wood...is still clicking along. The warranty is over. But my KM should be good for another 3 years warranty wise...on this one I bought an extended warranty.

I would recommend you get an extended warranty, possibly one that includes situations like yours.

I don't know if it covers a fall though ? I hope it does, because so far I've had some near misses on both cameras.
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