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Default New Cloud Picture

I hope I am not boring you, but I am experimenting with uploading pictures. Please bear with me.
Old Engineer
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Default My Answer

I made the picture 1000 pixels wide, and it turned out to be too large to fit the screen neatly. It appears that about 850 pixels wide, maintaining the same aspect ratio, will work well. To get the shown picture I used Irfanview. I opened its screen then dragged my file picture into that screen. I clicked on image, then rezize. I then changed the pixel size width to 1000, and 669 pixels high fell into place. I left the DPI at 72. Finally, I started a forum thread and uploaded the picture as an attachment. I was somewhat surprised to find the picture did not show at that time, and only did so when I submitted the thread.
What started out to be a daunting task actually became quite routine once I read various threads of advice on how to do what I wanted.
So thanks to all of you who helped me get this far. I am grateful.
Old Engineer
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Hey OE.
I like the size of this one much better but, it lost some contrast and detail (at least on my monitor) This happens if the image you submit is larger that the forums preferred size and it will re-size them automatically. (that's not good) I know others have there own way of doing it and it works well too but, this is the way I have found that works best for me. When I finish editing my photos I save them in tiff at 200 ppi.
This gives me a good manageable size file of aprox 11megbyt from my K20 RAW files.
That lets me upload a high quality image to my Zenfolio photo hosting site. You can get a free account but storage is limited, I pay $40 a year for unlimited storage.
and glad I did when all my photo files were stolen in a break in a few months ago. other hosting sites are similar but, I'll use Zenfolio as my example. After loading my photos to Zenfolio, I go to the viewing page and right click on the photo I want to post, this pops up a window with the option to "share this photo" then left click on on that. another window pops up. Go down to where it says "large (800X537) left click to highlight then right click to copy. BTW, I have two browser windows open at the same time, my Zen page and the forum page, now that I have copied the link from Zenfolio, I return to the forum page where I'm making a post. In the "post message" box, you will see some icons at the top left. The second one from right is a square yellow icon that looks like a mountain with the sun in the top right corner. you left click on it and paste your link there and hit OK. your image will show in your post within a few seconds. I know this sounds complicated but, once you do it, it becomes very easy and it preserves you image quality. And at the same time you have your photos backed up safely on an off site server. you can also sell your photos from the Zenfolio site. I hope that helps.

Just for fun, here is a shot I took from my front yard just after I got home from work and just before I turned and saw my front door had been kicked in.

I thought it was interesting, like someone had taken an air brush and just added a few quick flicks to the sky.


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