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The screws and pins can come off when too much pressure is put on them. I know this from personal experience. When they came off of my adapter and wound up inside my K10D. This nearly made me faint and cuss to no end. Got so mad my wife thought I was going to have another heart attack. Took a while to get the nerve up to shake it with the lens opening turned down and then use a magnet to retrieve the screws.
After this escapade I took the springs and screws off all my adapters and loc-tited the adapters to my m42 lenses. Works great but the adapter is no longer locked onto the camera and the whole affair can fall off the camera if care is not taken. I've since removed the adapters and am now using the one Kalt brand one I have left. Very similar to the Pentax and Kood ones.
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Seems to me that the basic design is the problem, the amount of thread on the screw holding the locking spring is minimal at best, it wont take much to overtighten it and possibly strip the thread. I can only repeat I've had no problem at all with 2 X Kood adaptors, and they look virtually identical to the Pentax ones I've seen, could in fact be made by the same manufacturer, apart from the markings.
Oftener than not I'm able to remove the adaptor with a finger nail, rather than the tool provided, and the design of that no matter what the make is bound to be the same, since they're copies of the original item. I do sympathise with all who suffer this problem, I know it's not uncommon. ... Jack
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