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I've purchased the k-x 2 months ago together with the da l 18-55 and the 50-200... I really like both lenses. The only reason I did not go for the 55-300 is that my budget did not allow it
But I believe with the 18-55 and either the 50-200 or the 55-300 you've got a great starting kit and will give you loads of fun to begin with.
Obviously it also depends on what you want to photograph, nevertheless a bit of extra range is always welcome
Pentax K-x, DAL 18-55, Tamron 70-300, Sigma 10-20
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Hey craboi,
Welcome to the forum. I think you'll find the above mentioned lenses quite satisfactory.
I find the 18-55 and 50-200 are OK lenses, not great but OK. With the 55-300mm I get some great shots. If you plan on getting the 18-55 kit lens just to turn around and sell it... you would be better off just getting the body only and put the extra cash towards the other lens you want. The resell price is pretty low, I sold 3 of them in the fifty dollar range about a year ago. Just my 2cents worth.
Looking forward to seeing some of your vacation pics.

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Ask yourself: Where am I going? What will get me there? What can I afford that will make me happy?

When I bought my first dSLR a couple years ago, I looked at lenses first. I wanted ultrawide. Pentax and Olympus ultrawides were affordable; other brands weren't. Oly bodies had issues; Pentax gear had few user complaints. So even though I favored Sony or Oly, I went Pentax: K20D, DA10-17, DA18-250, FA50/1.4. Many lenses later, that's still my most-used bundle.

Before buying lenses, question yourself. What kind(s) of photos do you WANT to make and take? What lens(es) do you NEED for that? Do you NEED ultrawide, ultralong, ultrafast? How much are you willing to spend?

For portraits, landscapes, snapshots, general shooting, the DA18-55 is fine -- I've seen great shots taken with it. I bought one also (cheap) and use it more than I expected, especially with a Raynox DCR-250 macro adapter. For maximum flexibility and minimum outlay, the DA18-250 is a great walkaround. The Tamron 18-250 is almost as good, but the DA has SMC coating. And if you like fishy images, the DA10-17 can't be beat.

Those are my basic starting lenses. For more specialized shooting, I like good cheap used manual lenses, either K-mount or M42 screwmount. Some excellent primes are: Pentax 28/2.8; almost any 50-55/1.4-2; Helios-44 58/2; almost any 135/2.8. And of course, longer and wider and faster are available; all that's required is money.
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Being new to the dSLR arena the 2 kit lens would not be a bad place to start. It may turn out to be all that you really need. When your creative side gets going you may then want to venture in other lens offerings.
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Old Jul 28, 2010, 11:43 PM   #15
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How about Tamron 28-300? I just bought one (the older 185D) and with the 1.5 crop factor it will becomes 42-450mm!

Its much cheaper in ebay, about $200 and it should cover the remaining range of your lens kit (18-55).

Just a suggestion.
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Were you looking at one of the water resistant bodies, I would suggest the kit lens combo with the 18-55 WR and the 50-200 WR. However, since that's the one feature the K-x doesn't have, I would go for the 15-55 and 55-300. I started with a K10 and a combo of the 18-55 and Tamron 70-300 di LD. That was a great combo with which to get started and do a whole lot of learning.

I would strongly argue against the single lens solution. I really believe part of learning a DSLR is learning lens management and matching an appropriate lens to the use. Starting with a two lens combo is a reasonable way to start learning.

I can only envy bigdawg's collection, but I have learned that one of the joys of a DSLR is the ability ot match the right lens to the right photo requirement.


BTW.....after many days in a row where I was shooting in a mist in Hawaii this summer, I'm about ready to buy the 50-200. It's really nice to not have to worry about moisture. (I have the 18-55 WR....which I love)
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Well, another comment on the Tamron 18-250. Unless I'm going on a specific jaunt needing something specific for a lens, it is always on my camera.

But, I'm sure whatever you choose will be a good place to start. You have to start shooting to know what you will really be wanting.

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if your going to the grand canyon i would be tempted to save splash out and get a good wide angle zoom - something like pentax 12-24mm for those impressive views the extra wide angle will be worth it - then as other have suggested an 18-250mm for general purpose
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