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I've been very busy for the past month and a half, and have not had time to spend here with my Pentax friends. But this thread was too good to resist. I have had two near-disasters:

Last year I had the very good fortune to spend a few days hiking in Rocky Mountain National park. I was carrying my gear and my lunch, raingear, etc. in my Tamrac Adventure 9 backpack. At one point I stopped to eat a snack and take some photos, and naturally I opened the backpack. When I resumed the hike I popped the backpack back on, and started back up the trail. Fortunately for me there were two women also resting alongside the trail, and one of them said "Did you know that the back flap of your backpack is open?" Yikes! I could have lost any number of lenses or accesories, but due only to dumb luck, nothing fell out.

The other incident is one that long-time readers on this forum have heard before. About three years ag my wife and I were paddling our kayaks around a lovely pond in Maine, and I was happily shooting pictures with my K100D. When we were finished with our outing I slipped and fell, completely submerging the camera for a second or two. We headed immediately to the cottage where we were staying, I removed the lens and propped the camera body next to the fireplace. After a few hours, the camera worked fine, and it continued to work flawlessly for more than two years after that incident. Last summer it did start malfunctioning: it still worked fine in jpeg mode, but it stopped recording images in raw mode. Whether that malfunction was related to the dunking two years earlier, I have no idea.

I used that problem as a convenient excuse to upgrade to a K20D, which is serving me very well. I no longer have the K100, and I hope it continues to work well for its new owner.
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Ha - you should have informed Pentax, future ads would have been along the lines of :
Pentax K100 : 'proven waterproof to a depth of 3 feet' !

Always close the door to the SD compartment when removing the card to upload your shots .... twice in the past week I've almost knocked it off !
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