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I gotta work at lighting, these pictures are fantastic. I keep reading about how to get certain type of shots and they all seem to use expensive lighting set-ups that require at least one separate duffle bag. I've been seriously considering a ring flash like the one Scott got (but there's another lens I want first, I think). Flash has always eluded me - I just never quite get what I think I should. One of these days I'll sit down and really figure it out, but meanwhile I'll just soak up what everyone else gets and tries.
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Thanks GW
the title 'just some shots' is coming from the fact that they where taking during a break at work, so didn't have much time.


Thanks for the great remarks Lou, I don't feel that I deserve them.


Thanks Harriet,

that lighting setup for macro doesn't have to be so expensive, p-ttl is great but you don't need it for macro shots, most of the time you are working at the same distance and a manual flash works even better then.

On the subject of ring flashes, I can't help because I don't have any except a led ring light. It doesn't give enough light in comparison with the flashes.
Only the lack of any shadow is something I'm not that happy with.

One of the best explanations I ever got about using flashes is coming from
Zack Arias, one light DVD that a friend loaned to me. If you don't know him check this out http://www.zarias.com/gulf-photo-plu...by-and-joey-l/ (and the rest of his blog)


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Originally Posted by rhermans View Post
Just some shots from this week. Nothing spectacular

Your words from one of Harriet's recent posts:

Great looking 'nothing special' shots.
The lens has to have something to do with that, but only a small part.

Back at you.

If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.
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