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mtngal May 15, 2010 6:28 PM

Some walk-about pictures with the DA 35 mm macro Limited lens I recently bought. Nothing special, just some shots playing around with the lens. I'm not one to do tests - there's always some factor that's not the same. And shooting charts is more work for little return, unless you have a problem. I like to just go out and play. These pictures, for the most part, have been processed in some way, pretty much the same way I always do.

Wall Decoration:


More flowers:

Looking for bokeh:



Interior, f2.8:




A dandelion that's lost some of its seeds. Warning, this is a link to the full sized file (it's been cropped some so it's a bit smaller than the original but not by much!): at f5.6.

Link to the same dandelion at f11: .

If you want to see an album I've put together of more pictures, some looking for bokeh, some looking at dof differences at various apertures, you'll find it at: .

My initial reaction is that the lens is great fun. It's different than what I had expected - normal field of view but it acts more like a wide angle. It's different than what I'm used to. The lens seems really sharp and I'm glad I bought it.

Tachikoma May 15, 2010 6:36 PM

That is one heck of a sharp lens! looking at the lilly, I can't make out any softness at the edges, the bottom right corner is as as sharp as the centre.

Great shot of the ceiling as well, great contrast!

Hards80 May 15, 2010 6:52 PM

the lens looks really great. very sharp, good contrast.

the lily shot looks real nice, very good detail.

Goldwinger May 15, 2010 8:19 PM

Harriet, You do nice work when you're just playing around.
Looks like that lens is a keeper. I enjoyed your album very much,
the one marked k7 dandy 9263 is my favorite of the dandies.

mtngal May 15, 2010 9:23 PM

Tachikoma - It's a very sharp lens, and this copy is sharp from edge to edge, but that's how all of the macro lenses I've owned have been like that. The big reservation I had before buying it was about the bokeh, many reviewers mentioned how busy it is. It's not a problem to me, it might not be as creamy-dreamy as the FA 31 Ltd, but it's fine for my purposes.

I did use it to take a picture of Dan and was really impressed with the result. He hates having his picture taken and insisted that I delete it (which I did). I need to find another subject who is more willing to pose for me.

Dustin - It does have a nice balance of contrast, color and detail. I don't know if the balloon picture comes across as well in this reduced size, but the original is very nice in both color and contrast. This lens does everything I want it to do, and Scott was right - my desire for the FA 31 has gone into remission. I personally think it's a very good buy, well worth the money.

GW - Thank you for the compliment on the album - it gives some more examples of what the lens can do, I had too many to post them all here. I love shooting dandelions, they are just so much fun. By the way, I should probably change the way I name the files when I upload them - my system identifies which camera took the picture, something about the subject and the file number from the camera. I can't believe I've taken almost 10,000 pictures with the K7! It took me much longer to get that far with the K20, and my K100 is below 9,000.

- Harriet

rhermans May 16, 2010 5:38 AM

Great looking 'nothing special' shots.
The lens has to have something to do with that, but only a small part. ;)


penolta May 16, 2010 1:56 PM


Originally Posted by rhermans (Post 1094759)
Great looking 'nothing special' shots.
The lens has to have something to do with that, but only a small part. ;)


The lens does have great overall definition and edge to edge sharpness, which is what you would expect from a good true macro lens, but I agree with Ronny - the photographer takes the picture and the camera only records what it is given to see through the lens.

mtngal May 16, 2010 7:29 PM

Thanks, Ronny and penolta. They really ARE nothing special - just looking for opportunities to check the capabilities of the lens. I still have some more exercises I want to do to feel more comfortable with it's capabilities. It's just an awesome close-up lens so I know I'll use it a lot, just haven't quite figured out the field of view and how best to use it.

Bryan Peterson suggests standing back from a subject (park bench, your best friend, etc.) and take a picture. Then take a couple of steps forward and take another, etc. until you get too close for focusing. Do that a couple of times and you'll have a much better idea of how the lens handles relative distances and will get a better idea of what will make a pleasing composition with that particular lens. If you keep the aperture constant you'll also see how the dof will vary. I did it with a couple of my lenses and feel much more comfortable with them. I'll try to do that with this lens soon, but in the meantime, I'll just keep snapping away at whatever catches my eye.

snostorm May 16, 2010 9:56 PM

Hi Harriet,

There are only a few lenses that can still give me that LBA itch, but I can almost feel the fun you're having with this one, and it shows through your pics. It's on the short list, but I know that I just wouldn't use it enough to justify getting one, so it's not up there at the top for me. . . Of all the LTDs, the 35 and the 77 are probably the only ones I'd use with any regularity -- and the 35's a Macro. . .and I've always wanted a Ltd just to have one. . .:speechless-smiley:

Glad to see that this might have dimmed your desire to have the 31. . . maybe this lucky guess might gain me at least a temporary reprieve from Dan's doghouse. . .

Another thought -- When you get a good copy of the 16-50 to get the WR, having two premium lenses covering the "30s" could put the 31 firmly on the back burner. . . we'll see -- LBA is strong and we are all weak. . .


mtngal May 16, 2010 10:19 PM

LOL! I thought that having the DA*50-135 would keep me from desiring the 77 Ltd. I kept telling myself for over a year that I didn't need the 77, that it didn't offer me enough to buy it (I don't often need something faster than 2.8). I finally gave up and bought it, a decision I don't regret, even though I can say it's a lens I don't really NEED. I'll definitely get the 16-50 eventually (maybe Christmas?). After that, we'll see. Who knows, perhaps by then my photography will be heading in a totally different direction and I'll want a Bigma or something...

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