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Keep up the good work guys, these are great!

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Everybody thanks for the great remarks.

I have to go with "JC de Jonge", great shots here

@JC de Jonge
When getting in macro the dof is always getting real small, normally (mostly with flowers) I take multiple pictures with a moving focal point and blend them together.

Great mushrooms but that crab spider series is stunning. Me Jealous

Great shot of that wasp, don't know what it's carrying but great work

Really love the first and last one, the first because of the angle and the web, the second because is as good as it can get.

Great collection, those crane flies are great subjects and with their legs they build their own frame, but i really like that crab spider how did you get it to pose like it did.
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There are some phenomenal pictures posted in this thread. I'm going to post stuff about equipment. Nothing I have can probably match the Raynox filters - I keep thinking about getting one or both, but there's so many other things I want first.

In any case, here's my subject. It's not quite taken at 1:1, more like 1:1.2 or so. Taken with the Viv 105 macro:

It doesn't match the glory and beauty of all the small creatures others have posted, but since I'm not feeling well today, I wasn't going to venture out.

I don't have a proper set of extension tubes. I only have my father's old K-mount 2X TC that was horrible - never managed a sharp picture with it no matter what. So I took the glass out of it and turned it into an extension tube. Same lens with the home-made extension tube, so it's greater than 1:1:

I thought I'd try to get a little closer by adding a reversed 50 mm f1.4 lens in front of the macro/extension tube combination:

I wasn't quite square to the coin, you can see just how TINY the dof is. I think the reversed 50 was set to aperture f8 or so - much smaller than that and you can't see the target very well (if I were to do this a lot, I'd want to get some type of bright modeling light).

Now for an even cheaper option:

When I got my first film SLR camera in 1980, it came with K-mount Takumar 135 mm lens as well as a 50mm 1.7. The K-mount Tak isn't coated, has a very poor reputation and can be bought very cheaply. It's no macro but it's really sharp.

I added the extension tube but it didn't do much to deal with the minimum focus distance. This is at it's minimum focus distance with the extension tube. Not very useful for macro, is it?

One thing I found with reversing a 50 in front of a lens, the focus distance seems to be controlled by the reversed lens. And the magnification is significantly influenced by the focal length of the lens on the camera. So doing both the extension tube and the reversed 50 in front of the 135 gave me this:

By the way, except for the first one, which has been cropped a bit, these are all full frame pictures, resized to fit here. Some sharpening was added to all of them (I always do).

This is actually an inexpensive combination - the K-mount Tak can be had for around $30 usually, a poor quality 2X TC can be bought for much less. The 50mm f1.4 is the most expensive item, often going for $100. You could also use a 50 mm 1.7 as well, I think, and they are cheaper (mine is sharper wide open than the 1.4 by the way. Stopped down they are the same).

Here's a picture of the combination (K7, TC/tube, Tak 135, reversed 50):

Some notes - this combination needs a tripod. I haven't had much luck with anything like that outside - DOF is just too small and you lose too much light to make it practical. I think if you want to shoot insects the Raynox or other good quality add-on lens would be better. Or a TC - I'd like to get a TC to go with the macro lenses I have, to add magnification but maintain focus distance. Adding extension tubes and reversed lenses lowers your focus distance to just about nothing.

I didn't try to add anything to the 35 macro for a couple of reasons. The lens is a DA lens and so doesn't have an aperture ring. My home-made extension tube doesn't have contacts so you can't control the aperture. My ring for mounting a lens front to front is 52 on one side and 49 on the other. Both the 50 and the 35 have 49 threads, so I can't do that. I tried to mount the 24mm f2.8 I have in front of the 35, but it has too much vignetting - there's only a small hole in the center (and I couldn't tell the focus distance to see if it would be worth trying, even with most of the frame being black).

So this topic was a good exercise for me. It's always fun to pull out my old equipment and play with it. The macros were all shot with the K7, the picture of the combination was taken with the K20 and 35 macro (couldn't leave the 35 out).
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The macro capabilty of ur lens is stunning ..cant wait to see some insects or flowers from it
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Nice write up, thanks for the info mtngal, that is some impressive magnification!

Got some (hopefully) nice damselfly macro's to upload when I finish work and get home (couple of hours...) on the camera screen they look good... but I have fallen into that trap before and they look rubbish on a monitor.

Awesome shots so far everyone!
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Some marvelous photographs from everyone here. Too numerous to mention each, and I think I have commented on most of them when presented in their own threads anyways.

@mtngal- wow, that is a crazy setup. thank you for the writeup + examples and the photograph of the setup.

well, since you all said "all welcome" here are few with my EPL1 and the ViviSrs1 105mm 2.5 macro. (i know this forum loves legacy glass too, so you all may find interesting)

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@hards....Love the DOF of all 3 photos, 3rd one maybe the F couldve been higher, to get both flowers into focus? And the 1st one is just pure beauty ....Legendary lens--->legendary shots
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just thought I would post a picture, I think this is the first picture I've taken since November . K20 with the pentax dfa 100mm lens. Found this little fellow lying upside down in a pot of water, obviously been there all day as was hardly moving so grabbed camera and fished him out (in that order as didn't want it to fly away first). Took about 20 pictures this is the best, I think this is a cockchafer about 1.5" long and has strange fan like antennae which you can just about see in the picture.
Attached Images
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I love that 1st shot Hards - really gorgeous and unusual.

Doctor - really nice shot and those really are weird & wonderful antennae !
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Hards, that first shot is stunning!

thedoc, I think the fan like antennae mean it's a male, they use them for dececting pheremones from the females. Nice shot as well, good choice on getting the camera first!
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