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Chesslanka May 18, 2010 8:35 PM

Pentax Macro Shootout-All are Welcome!
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I started this thread, because there are a lot of new photographers out there looking for the best macro, some with high budget(400-600us),some with medium budget(150-250US) some with low budget (less than 100US), and want them to see and appreciate the performance of various lenses, as well as various cameras. I hope you all will join in display your best macro shots here, and please make sure you mention lens and camera in which you took the shot :)

I will start off by posting 2 dragonflies taken by k10D on 28-300mm Sigma APO DG MACRO.

Chesslanka May 18, 2010 8:48 PM

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Second batch from me will be from my new K-x and Sigma 70-300mm DL Macro

Tachikoma May 19, 2010 2:20 AM

Fantastic colour on that second dragonfly photo!

Love the second flower as well, I struggle to get photo's of white subjects exposed right.

rhermans May 19, 2010 4:01 AM

Great idea I'll join in with some lenses and different shots.

1st: to start of with something that most wont consider as a macro lens,
tamron 18-200 + raynox dcr150 (better type of close up filter)
The only problem is the rather strong vignetting that occurs, on holidays I take the 18-200 with me as a walk around lens, the raynox 150dcr is so small and light it would be a sin to leave it behind.

2nd, my favorite kiron 105mm - 1:1 macro lens, bought this (second hand) for 100€.
f20 - iso160 - 1/25sec - 105mm(handheld - still don't know how I did it)

3rd - another completly not macro lens - sigma 100-300 ex f4 (my most expensive lens)
f10 - - iso250 - 1/180sec - 300mm - (flash used)
if I combine this lens with a tamron 1.4 convertor I found out that I can get a lot closer (up to 1m) from what I want to shoot and still get a focus lock. Love this lens for getting dragonfly shots at a distance.

Although a dedicated macro lens is considered better its still you who has to take the shot, and most lenses will give great results.

Going above 1:1 macros i feel best using acromats (close up filters - raynox150 & 250) they are not expensive and give good enough results.
Also they are small, I don't see myself crawling around a bellow mounted in front of my camera. Extention tubes - maybe.

One extra remark, if you can get an off camera flash use it for macro shots it makes everything a lot easier.



Chesslanka May 19, 2010 4:33 AM

@rhonny love the 3 shots, and all are macro to me :). Do you use a flash ring in front of the kiron?

rhermans May 19, 2010 6:06 AM


Originally Posted by Chesslanka (Post 1096220)
@rhonny love the 3 shots, and all are macro to me :). Do you use a flash ring in front of the kiron?

Thanks Chess,

don't have a ringflash :( , and I don't remember if I used some kind of extra lighting to get this shot.

Although a ring flash has it's advantages (especially being smaller that the setup I use now)
I like using 2 flashes for macro shots.
Most of the time that are 2 small flashes connected to the front of the lens, otherwise two normal flashes of camera with difussers on to put around the subject.

I've played around with a flash ringlight but the light intensity wasn't big enough for faster shutter speeds and I missed shadows. I still use that ringlight but for me to get the focus and then using normal flashes to get take the shot.

I'll use any lightsource as long as its movable.
the above shot was taken with the kiron with two closeup filters attached raynox dcr150&250 giving a 4.3:1 macro and a flash in pttl mode connected with a cable lying on one side of springtail and an inspection lamp on the other side to get rid of hard shadows.

Tachikoma May 19, 2010 11:01 AM

Holy cow, that grasshopper is awesome!

Our childminder has been on holiday, so I have been picking my son up from school, meaning I can't go for my lunchtime walk so I can finish early, hopefully I can get some photo's to share from tomorrow.

snostorm May 19, 2010 1:17 PM

Hi Ronny,

Just have to comment on the grasshopper and springtail shots!

The grasshopper is amazing -- looks like a glass sculpture, and the capture is just about perfect.

The springtail shot is awesome! I can see that I've got a long learning curve ahead of me in shooting critters. . . I'm just hoping that my body cooperates long enough to allow me the time to learn enough to just become competent. . .

Great stuff! -- these two especially, but all the shots are very impressive!


JC de Jonge May 19, 2010 2:05 PM

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Wow great shots here,
just wanna add my not so great shots to the collection... just for comparison purposes :)
On the first picture I use an extension tube + auto teleconverter + smc M 50mm 1.7 fyi it's the inside of a flower... unfortunately it's nearly impossible to get it all in focus :(
The second picture an auto teleconverter 1:1 + smc M 50mm 1.7
The third picture is with an auto teleconverter don't remember the value + smc M 50mm 1.7

As you can see from the pictures (despite my skills ;) the DOF is really tiny with this kind of setup... however it's a cheap way to start with macroing.
I'm hoping to find a used vivitar 100mm macro or another reasonable used macro lens for a nice price. But till then I'll be using the 50mm 1.7 icm with the auto teleconverter or the extension tubes.. or both.

Hope to see more examples of different set ups.

penolta May 19, 2010 2:27 PM

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I've posted some of my favorite earlier macros in the "Favorite Fives" threads, but here are a couple of more recent ones of a miniature mushroom taken with the K20D and Tamron 90mm AF macro, hand held (braced) with flash:

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