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Welcome to the forum.
Like Scott and others have said just use the auto mode and play

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Hi again craboi,

One thing I meant to specifically mention, but forgot, is to establish a rule for yourself for minimum shutter speed. The old Rule of Thumb for 35mm was 1 divided by Focal Length -- since longer lenses are harder to hold steady, the recommended shutter speed gets faster as the FL gets longer.

With SR, Pentax DSLRs give you some advantage, but there are still limits, and if you don't want to be disappointed by shots ruined by camera shake, you need to learn where your limit is -- so experiment with this and keep an eye on your shutter speed. The automatic functions can do a lot for you, but only you can watch out for this.

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Welcome to the Forum! My wife and I have been to Alaska several times. Here are some suggestions.

Take 3 sets of extra batteries. Just do the AAAs. Like these down at the drug store or where ever...


Take about 4 4GB SD cards for storage. Similiar to these. combine the order to save on shipping.


have fun ...
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id say just get a 16gb card instead of 4 4's. Its much more practical and cheaper to buy one card. I got my 16 for around 30.00. You might save 5 dollars having the shipping combined and buying the 4 4's as posted here but trust me its worth payin the extra money to not have to switch cards 4x as much and less chance of losing cards or forgetting where a certain shot is. Just my opinion

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But if you have only one card, and it dies, then you are out all of your pictures. Better to have more than one card, if one fails you've only lost part of your pictures. But there is something to be said for not switching lenses all the time, I guess. I've never had a problem, but then, I've only had one card fail, and it was defective from the day I got it.
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OK - here's my two cents. dont buy cheap cards - whatever speed. Stick to the better brands like Lexar, Sandisk and Transcend. Buying cheap cards is going to increase your likelihood of failures. I've shot 100s of thousands of photos on my sandisk cards (extreme IIIs which they don't make anymore) and never had a failure. I don't like risking my photos on drives that may not be reliable.
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