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One thing I noticed though, the flashes you use are "high voltage" but the triggers you mentioned state they won't work with "high voltage"
I know, but they work (with my setup). To make it even more complex the receivers I'm using are two Cactus V2s and one Catcus PT-04, where the last one has a sync cable connection. Only ... on the side of the V2s there is printed Cactus pt-04.

After reading that they could / could not be used with high voltage, I just got them in a package together with the two holga flashes (and they have a high volgtage setting), and guess I was lucky.
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The new Cactus V4 system is supposed to work with lower and higher trigger voltage flashes. It's also supposed to have less of a problem with x-sync speed limits compared to the older versions (as it's not uncommon for Cactus users to complain about needing to use slower shutter speeds than their camera's normal x-sync speed due to delay introduced by them).

But, I don't know if anyone here has tried the newer V4 series.

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Hmmm... might get a set of V4's after pricing up some flashes... I liked that the V2's can be angled, but used on the 0-ring then that might no be needed, depending on the clearance of the ring.

Will wait for your final conclusions first Ronny, and looking forward to that photo of the whole setup!
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