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Default What in camera settings do you use ?

I have my Pentax K10D set at the following:

-saturation one degree under maximum

-sharpness set at maximum

- contrast set at one degree under maximum

-JPEG @ 10 and @ 3 stars

I don't think I've got my K10D tweaked to it's best performance,

What do you configure your settings at in your K10D, K20D or K7 ?

What other settings do you use ?
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I'm still experimenting but :

Colour settings on Natural, Landscape & Portrait :-

-saturation +1

-sharpness +1

- contrast 0

-JPEG @ 10 and @ 4 stars

Horizon leveling - On

Electronic leveling - On

ISO - 100 - 1600 max.

SR - on

Multi-shot - Almost always on Hi

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Always shooting in Raw, I haven't changed any of the sat, sharpness, contrast, ... settings.

But the few things I use for standard with my k10d-k20d are

auto iso its from 100-> 800
SR, always on (except with a tripod but most of the time I forget to turn it of)
Spot metering

and the last months I almost always switch to manual.

Guess these settings don't help much

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All my settings (Sony a550) are default. I want to keep my options open for pp. I simply set up Irfanview to batch those mods once I copy the files to my computer.
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I pretty much always shoot raw, but when I do shoot jpg, I have the camera set to natural, leave saturation to the default setting (I would rather add a bit of saturation than try to take some out, and also prefer detail which sometimes gets lost with extra saturation). Same with sharpness (I did have the K7 to +1 at one point but think I went back to the default settings) - it's much easier to add sharpness in pp than it is to deal with a picture that's been over-processed by the camera.

My K20 stays at Ev +.3 because it consistently underexposes at Ev 0, while the K7 is at 0 because it does not. I leave metering on center weighted mostly, though often use spot metering for certain things.
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